DIY: turn an old skirt into a flowy top!


Saying that this is easy is simply an understatement. I picked this skirt up at a random thrift store in Arkansas with intentions of reworking it into a smaller skirt. But then I found a DIY on the most wonderful blog about refashioning clothes! She turned her pleated skirt into a dress but my skirt isn't long enough to do it became a shirt. And a lovely shirt at that.


Okay, the key is get a skirt that's pleated. Then you turn the skirt inside out and lay flat. Cut about 2/3 of the length off from the sides and a good 10" or so for the arm holes (that's purely a guestimation...I did no such measuring!). Start from the bottom and sew up to the sleeves. When you get to the arm hole, separate the two sides and roll a hem in around the edge of the armhole. Same on the other side.

You turn it right side in about ten minutes after you started and you're left with a beautiful flowy top! Or dress! Whatever : )


Thats it guys! This week is going to be really, really exciting! I'm doing my first giveaway AND I'll be featuring my first guest blogger AND I'm going to order some glasses from BonLook. I'm thinking the j'adore or 5 o'clock tea. Can't wait for those babies to come in! Now I'm off to watch some episodes of Pushing Daisies!