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I’m here to bring more value to the time you’re spending on your business.

Whether you’re a designer looking to streamline and grow your business or a creative learning to design for yourself and understand the things that make your business so special and unique — I’m here for you.

I love guiding others as they figure out the business stuff, because I understand just how freeing and meaningful working for yourself can be. You’re creating big, impactful things for yourself and your customers, and I don’t want you to feel like you’re doing it alone.


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If we haven’t met yet…

I’m Melanie Lea, a Minnesota transplant obsessed with running an online business and helping other creatives do the same. I’m a self-taught designer from a small town in Mississippi with ZERO business experience…I’m a normal person who’s tapped into my creativity, passion and determination, and I’m here to help others see that potential in themselves and get the support and guidance they need to create their own thriving businesses.

My background’s in branding and web design but my sweet spot lies in finding simplified solutions for common business problems and making sure we stay intentional about how we spend our time, day in and day out.

I’m here for designers to help them set up smart, streamlined processes or prepare to scale their business; and I’m here for creative entrepreneurs looking to set up their brand foundations and learn how to design for themselves. You’ll find templates and guides in the shop and tons of free content on the blog.

Now, hanging out with other creatives and designers is literally my favorite. As a matter of fact, my main goal is to create a business that allows me to spend more and more actual time with you, my fellow creative entrepreneur (since we’re both just trying to create more balance, peace and adventure in our lives - we really understand each other)!

I’m so serious when I say this — come find me and say hey. Tell me what kind of help you’re looking for and what you need most, right now, to make your vision of working for yourself a reality. And if you want a head start, you can check out my Resource page for a list of all the current tools, tech and resources I’m using to grow my online business.

Talk soon, okay?!

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So thankful for these lovely features! ♡


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