5 Reasons You Should Use Squarespace

5 reasons you should use squarespace.png

I’m sure by now you’ve read tons of blog posts and articles about how amazing Squarespace is. The platform is just all-in-all a super wonderful and valuable service and it’s been a total game changer in the web design industry.

In case you need more convincing, or perhaps are wondering why I only design on Squarespace, here are my 5 quick and dirty reasons for exclusively using Squarespace for my design projects (and my own website).

01 // Squarespace is crazy intuitive and easy to use, and that empowers my clients.

One of the main things I aim to do with any design project is set my clients up to be extremely successful. As a team, we work hard to generate a brand around my client’s company and create something long-lasting and impactful for that business.

That same mentality carries through with Squarespace sites: they are SO straight forward and intuitive! At our project hand-off I simply provide my clients with a very quick one-on-one demo of the basic features* and BAM! - moving forward they’re able to update and create new content on their own! All without relying on me (or anyone else) to manage their site for them.

*A few things covered in the demo include creating and customizing a form, switching out photos, updating text and creating a blog post. This quick and simple lesson leaves my clients feeling fully capable of managing, updating and creating content for their new website/blog.

02 // Squarespace has TONS of amazing built-in features.

My favorite features include their responsive designs, e-commerce capabilities and unlimited storage and bandwidth.

The CRAZIEST feature that Squarespace provides is the ability to sell products on your site - with no extra cost to you. Most platforms will charge you money before letting you make money, but that’s simply not the case with Squarespace. Wanna throw a product out into the world and see if it sticks? Just make sure you have solid visuals and a good product description, and BAM - you’re on your way to making money for your business!

Squarespace also makes it easy to manage your inventory, integrate your transactions into accounting software, organize your orders and create coupons for your customers - what the what?!

With Squarespace’s responsive designs your website adjusts and reformats itself to suit any device it’s being viewed on. What’s even better is that Squarespace also lets you preview what your site looks like on different devices, and make adjustments and changes as necessary. You have total control and it takes no extra effort on your part!

I love that Squarespace gives you unlimited bandwidth and storage, even on their most basic plan. What that means is as you create more and more content or increase your readership, you don’t have to upgrade plans to keep up with your growth. They provide you with the tools you need for success right up front.

03 // With Squarespace you don’t need any off-site services.

Squarespace definitely uses other companies' services but they KILL IT at integrating those services onto their site. One of the most confusing things to me about other website platforms is how you have to go off-site for so many things just to establish your basic website. Other platforms require you to purchase your domain from somewhere else or outsource web hosting from a third party. Squarespace eliminates the hassle and provides all of this (and more) in one space*.

And if you want to get into non-basic website features, Squarespace also integrates payment processing, helps you set up shipment for physical products, creates custom emails and analyzes basic metrics for you (including the search engine phrases that get people to your site).

*Another thing to consider on the third-party set up is that when one of those companies’ services goes down, your site is affected. That’s never the case with Squarespace!


04 | Squarespace is incredibly SEO friendly.

Not only does Squarespace give you great tools to optimize your website or blog for search engine results, they also make it easy to have your content shared on Facebook and Pinterest - which are both HUGE platforms to drive traffic and sell products on your site.

Ultimately, having that content shared drives your ranking up on search engine indexes and helps you pop up in front of more people when they search for things relevant to your site. They make it easy to integrate Google Analytics to help further your search engine optimization efforts too.


05 // Squarespace is constantly evolving and updating their services.

The good folks at Squarespace are constantly updating and making proactive changes. The templates they provide are so beautiful and professional-looking and the list of content you’re able to integrate is always growing (it already includes adding events, menu + restaurant reservation, graphs and charts, slideshows, video, podcast capabilities, newsletter forms and so much more).

What’s even better is that when updates roll out, you know that they’ve already been tested and will work seamlessly with the platform. I’ve found that other website services who rely on third party integrations tend to have huge problems when an update is performed.



When you’re running a business or blog, you already have so much to worry about. Squarespace takes the hassle out of setting up and running your website - letting you focus on whatever it is that you do, so that you can do it well. The content customizations are practically endless and the operational integrations make running your business a seamless process. Squarespace has changed the game when it comes to professional and custom websites, which is exactly why it’s the only website platform I design on.

Are you a designer or do you currently use Squarespace for own site/blog? Are you totally over the Squarespace hype or is it a platform you feel you could get behind? Comment below to get the conversation going!