Bang Bang Beauty Showcase

MBD Squarespace Design Kits | BBB Design + Customization Ideas

Bang Bang Beauty (aka BBB) was inspired by all the cool, effortless girls you see on Instagram.

You'll see that in the square grid features found on the home + gallery pages, and with the impactful yet minimal details found in the banner area at the top of each page.

The BBB kit gives you space to show off your brand vibes but is versatile enough to fit multiple kinds of businesses, whether you're a solopreneur showcasing your services or a brick-and-mortar shop who needs a solid online presence (the minimal grid nature of BBB keeps your site looking KILLER when your visitors view it from their phones - click here from your phone to see what I mean).

Click the images for ideas on how to customize the BBB kit, then dig into the deets below and check out the demo site so you can this baby in action!

MBD Squarespace Design Kits | BBB Design + Customization Ideas
MBD Squarespace Design Kits | BBB Design + Customization Ideas
MBD Squarespace Design Kits | BBB Design + Customization Ideas

(click images for a larger view)


  • The minimal and versatile top banner area on each page helps you quickly make a statement about your brand and is easily customizable to whatever colors, photos + textures best fit your business vibes.

  • The examples above use high, mid and low contrast pairings to showcase the versatility and customization possibilities.

  • The top image area of each page can be used to display your work or make a bold statement with branded photography.

  • The grid style nature of this kit will make your site feel fresh and modern while the ample use of negative space gives it breathing room, helping it to feel airy and polished.

  • The deceivingly simple lettering graphic found on the home page, footer + services page comes with your kit downloads and can be easily customized with a tagline or phrase for your business.

  • If you want to plan a little before making a purchase be sure to check out the ultimate guides I created on font, color + photography for your website (OR take the lil' brand personality quiz I made this past summer and see what kind of results you get)!

  • After you have a solid idea of the vibe you wanna go for, it really is as simple as:

    • Logging into your kit's dashboard

    • Working through the kit downloads

    • Then it's plug and play for your website copy and imagery

    • I've got video guides and PDFs with step-by-step instructions to help you along the way!

Say hey if you have a question about one of the kits or wanna talk through any questions you have 💗