A Behind The Scenes of How I'm Using Clickup To Organize My Business

A behind the scenes of how I'm using Clickup to organize my business

Here’s a complete behind the scenes of how I’m using Clickup to keep my business organized and make sure nothing slips through the cracks!

This post includes 5 videos that walk you through the real tasks and projects of a one-woman business, plus the awesome scheduling and organizational features of Clickup (the secret to keeping my scatter-brained self organized).

I hope you enjoy this series!


Part 1: The magical little list that tells me what to prioritize and do each day

Clickup is an awesome tool I started using earlier this year to organize all of my projects and tasks as a one-woman business. Today I'm showing you the magical little list that tells me what to prioritize and do each do -- it's effing awesome and I'm really excited to show you this super behind-the-scenes peek of my business!

Part 2: How I organize the departments of my business like a super fancy business owner!

In this video we're talking all about how I use Clickup to organize my business into departments and the types of projects I'm doing within each of those departments. This is a REAL and up close behind the scenes peek into how an online business owner is running and growing her business as a one-woman show 💪🏻

Part 3: Projects and lists plus how I color code my projects to stay super organized and on track

In this video we're taking a deeper dive into projects and lists within Clickup, plus I'm showing you a cute lil color-coded function I love that helps me plan out my projects and keep them top-of-mind so nothing gets lost as I go about my day-to-day.

Part 4: An intro to Clickup tasks plus an up close look at my sales and marketing department

In this video I'm giving you a fun little peek into the sales department of my one-woman business and really breaking down the projects, strategies and tasks that go into it. I think you're especially gonna love the social content calendar that my OBM Liz created for me (check out Liz if you need help organizing Clickup — she’s an AMAZING project manager with a background in design so you guys are gonna love her!). Liz totally changed my Clickup game 😍

Part 5: How to set up your own magical list inside of Clickup

Now that we've covered all the basics of Clickup, it's time to show you how to create that magical little list that tells you what to do and prioritize each day! ✨ Today I'm showing you how to set up recurring tasks within Clickup and the 3 most important things you have to do for EVERY TASK so you can truly just log into Clickup and follow your to-do list!

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