Client Moodboard: Bold Colors + Feminine Lines


I'm SO excited about this current project! This client came to me eager to get started and with a bunch of inspiration and ideas for her business. Pair that with her strong and unique point of view - and BAM - design match made in heaven.

She had read my post about inspiration images before contacting me, so she already had a great base of images collected for our project. I instantly got inspired after seeing all of her bold colors and pretty, feminine lines, and easily found a few more patterns and fonts to add to the collection.

I sent the finished moodboard over to her along with a breakdown of my vision for her brand (below), fully expecting to make a couple of tweaks to fine tune the colors or to add in a "vibe" photo that I had missed the mark on. Fortunately she LOVED it and now we both feel even more confident and happy about the project moving forward. I'm finishing up her initial logo concepts today and can't wait to send them over! 


There are a couple of things I want to point out about inspiration boards and client feedback:

01 | For this project, my client actually thought her inspiration images were ALL OVER the place. She even apologized to me before sending me the link to her Pinterest board and kind of laughed off that I'd have to help her hone it in.

Sometimes that is the case, but more often it's not! My client simply had her own, unique voice and it didn't look like a lot of the other stuff out there. 

Even when things don't seem super cohesive, a design professional is going to be there to help you make sense of it! If you could do it all on your own then you wouldn't need design help in the first place! Before hiring a graphic designer, do your research and make sure you're going to get the quality help you need. You definitely want to work with someone that will help you carry your vision through and who has systems in place to help you express your vision.

02 | It feels good to nail a concept down on the first try, but let me tell you - that is not normally the case and I always appreciate any feedback a client can give me. I tell each and every one of my clients that any opinion they have will only make the vision stronger, and I encourage them not to hold back!

As a designer, I'm here to build and execute your vision - but it's got to remain that: your vision! A good designer will never run away from constructive criticism or "negative" feedback about a design. The whole design process runs through a cycle of collecting information, processing it, translating that information then receiving feedback: so, as the client, it's crucial to stay honest and have your feedback heard.

I only say these things because I want to encourage you to stay true to yourself and never doubt your vision.

Your graphic designer will be an advocate for your brand and will want it to be an accurate reflection of your business! You've got a unique point of view and you deserve to work with someone you trust who can carry that through : )