Curious Co Showcase

MBD Squarespace Design Kits | Curious Co Design + Customization Ideas

I'm probably not supposed to have favorites (cuz I feel like all 4 of these first 4 kits are my lil' babies) but if i had to pick one it'd *definitely* be curious co 😍

This kit is SO fun and spunky. It feels like there's something interesting to look at around every corner!

The Curious Co kit is just full of fun surprises & details and I love how you can go super luxe or editorial (check out the examples below) and still keep it fresh & young.

The curious co kit 1,000% embodies everything the mbd studio stands for, and i really do hope all you energetic, friendly business owners out there are able to see a lot of your core values reflected in this kit, too 💗

Click the images for ideas on how to customize Curious Co, then dig into the deets below and check out the demo site so you can this baby in action!

MBD Squarespace Design Kits | Curious Co Design + Customization Ideas
MBD Squarespace Design Kits | Curious Co Design + Customization Ideas
MBD Squarespace Design Kits | Curious Co Design + Customization Ideas

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  • The kits features parallax scrolling with fun geometric shapes that help the kit feel more dynamic and "active".

  • Each page features a banner at the top to let you showcase a strong branded image for your biz. Use it to feature examples of your work or convey a specific mood with branded photography.

  • The generous use of color and pattern throughout the kit help it feel bold without being over the top. It's there to help you make a statement and get noticed for all the right reasons!

  • The interesting mix of color and pattern was designed to keep your site visitors on alert for what other surprises may be coming next (like killer examples of your work or how your services/products are exactly what they were looking for 😉)

  • In addition to the graphic template files, step-by-step video tutorials and an easy design cheat sheet, the Curious Co kit also features an easy copy-and-paste CSS customization to help your site feel more custom and less template-y (check out the contact page to see what I mean).

  • If you want to plan a little before making a purchase be sure to check out the ultimate guides I created on font, color + photography for your website (OR take the lil' brand personality quiz I made this past summer and see what kind of results you get)!

  • After you have a solid idea of the vibe you wanna go for, it really is as simple as:

    • Logging into your kit's dashboard

    • Working through the kit downloads

    • Then it's plug and play for your website copy and imagery

    • I've got video guides and PDFs with step-by-step instructions to help you along the way!