Customizing Squarespace: How To Create A Custom Lock Screen For Your Password Protected Pages

Squarespace Lock Screen Tutorial.jpg

Guess what will make your website look even more polished AND is super easy to do?


Today I’m using a quick video tutorial to show you how to set up and customize a password protected page on your Squarespace website. (I’ve also got the highlights written out below if you don’t need the full blown tutorial.)

*Side note: You can do this for your entire site too (instructions for that are also at the bottom of this post).
**Extra side note: This is my first video tutorial 😁  It’s not perfect, but there's only one way to get better haha. You can read more about my thoughts on perfectionism in relation to business here and here.

Here goes…


01 | Resource library
02 | Client portal or project package (i.e., project details, post-project tutorials and files, etc)
03 | Wholesale price list
04 | Hide your unreleased menu, album, video and send to potential investors, labels, etc
05 | Post drafted content that you want someone else to access for feedback, edits, approval, etc
06 | Exclusive shop page where you feature products that only certain members have access to

How to make a single page password-protected:

01 | Go to your Pages dashboard
02 | Hover over the page you want to protect and click the gear icon
03 | Scroll down to where it says “password”, type in the password you want + save!

How to customize your lock screen:

01 | Go to your Design dashboard
02 | Click “Lock Screen”
03 | Decide which layout works best for you
04 | Add your logo, header, body text and decide if you want the lock icon to be displayed or not
05 | Add an image (or multiple ones for a slideshow)
06 | Customize your fonts, colors and password bar
07 | Save!

How to make your whole site password-protected:

01 | Go to your Settings dashboard
02 | Click “Security”
03 | Click “Enable Site-Wide Password”
04 | Save!

**I recommend customizing a cover page instead of making your whole site password protected (you can link to your social media, customize a form and still get newsletter sign ups with a cover page), but I’m sure there are tons of reasons that protecting your page with a password might be a better reason for you. Just know you have the option of a cover page if your site is under construction :)

One thing to note:

If you have multiple password-protected pages I’d advise to keep your lock screen pretty general to your branding (versus being specific like mine is in the video), as the option to have multiple lock screen pages isn’t available at this time.

For example, if I were to enable a password for Squarespace video tutorials and not change my current Lock Screen, visitors would see the screen that says “The Vault” and probably be pretty confused. In this instance I would need to change my Lock Screen to a branded photo and take out “The Vault”, then I’d be good to go!