Customizing Squarespace: Optimize Your Website With Social Media

Customizing Squarespace! Optimize your website for social media. Click through to read →

I’m not saying that you have to be doing more than you already are with your website, but chances are there’s probably room with your current setup to push your social media goals a little further.

When people happen upon your website, make it easy for them to share your content or find you on social media by using your website to push and drive traffic to where you're hanging out elsewhere. 

With Squarespace there are TONS of ways to do this. Let’s dive into a few of my favorites.

Setting up your Squarespace site with social media

First thing's first: Let's connect your accounts. Do this by going to Settings → Connected Accounts → then individually add the accounts you want connected to your Squarespace website.

Share buttons

These show up on blog posts, products and events. Customize what accounts show up by going to Settings → Marketing → Share Buttons. They vary by template so check here for details specific to the one you’re using.

Social icons

These can go in your header, footer, blog sidebar, contact page and even on individual blog posts (by using social icon blocks).

 Some templates have built-in social icons for the header or footer. If your’s does and you don’t want them to show up, just hide them in your style editor (Design → Style Editor). If you do want them but your template doesn’t include them automatically, just use the social link content block.

You can reorder how they show up in connected accounts (Settings → Connected Accounts).

You can also have an account connected to your site but still hide it from the social link line up. In Settings →  Connected Accounts click on the icon you want to hide and uncheck “show social icon”, then save your changes.

(Check out this post for a quick tutorial on how to customize the knockout style social icons.)

Push blog posts and products to social media

Just click the “social” link in the blog post editor or product box, click the accounts you want it pushed to, then save.


Rich pins - These are automatically configured with Squarespace (woo)! When someone pins something from your site the “Rich Pin” feature means your favicon, site title and alt text* caption will automatically pin with the image. It will even add price and “in/out of stock” for your products!

*Make sure you add a favicon in Design → Logo and Title. Add alt text to make your images caption-ready by utilizing the “filename” box in the image editing box. The alt text feature also helps out your SEO!

Pin It button: enable this by going to Settings → Marketing → Pin It Buttons. You can enable the Pin It button for just your blog or for your blog, pages and products. You can even customize the size and shape a bit.

Note: the Pin It button won’t ever show up over gallery page images, gallery carousel design, image lightboxes or any image smaller than 119px119px.


You can code in a like button (view the tutorial here).

Use Squarespace to customize a tab on your business page.


You can feed your latest tweets into your blog sidebar (if applicable) or footer! Add a Twitter content block, customize how many tweets show up, then set the visibility of your avatar, name and username.


Use the Instagram content block to showcase your IG feed on your home page, footer or blog sidebar. I personally like the grid layout (it mimics the Instagram app and is most efficient in space while showcasing more of your posts), but you can also do a slideshow, carousel or stacked layout.

If you're selling a service or product, you probably already know how much potential there is to make more sales if you're getting in front of people on social media, so I especially love how easy Squarespace makes it to 1) lead people to your social media accounts and 2) make it easy for people to share content from your website.

Let me know if you learned something new here or have a question about implementing these tricks on your own Squarespace site!