FUN ANNOUNCEMENT: MBD Squarespace Design Kits Launching November 13

Squarespace Design Kits!

(Head's up: this post is a little different from the posts you normally find on the blog. I don’t talk about my business a lot but I wanted to get a little more personal with you and share some of the heart behind the work I do. Also there are details for a Squarespace kit giveaway happening next Monday, so if nothing else be sure to scroll to the bottom so you can get the deets!)

Wow. So this is honestly such a big day for me. I’ve been thinking about launching these Squarespace design kits for almost TWO YEARS and it’s kinda surreal to officially announce it today.

Have you ever gotten a feeling in your gut and literally nothing can deter you from it, not even setbacks or upsetting market research or the fact that you’re launching with 4 kits instead of 5 and it’s without a few of the extra bells and whistles you originally wanted to launch with?

That's exactly where I'm at. I know I’m supposed to be putting these out into the world. They're a big deal to me and here's why:

In all honesty, I’m not good at a lot of things (hear me out, this isn’t a pity party).

I remember growing up around my little sister who was good at EVERYTHING she tried. It all came so effortlessly to her: playing instruments, singing, being athletic af, dancing, being really smart..... And on top of that, she's just straight up NICE and kind and one of the most beautiful people I know. (Plus she can get super tan which is a big deal to me cuz I’m basically a White Walker and I'm like "BUT HOW, WE HAVE THE SAME GENES!!?").

She's deserved absolutely everything good that's come her way (and still does) but it was kinda tough being her older sister, especially since we were so close in age and spent a lot of time exploring the same things together. PLUS AREN'T OLDER SIBLINGS SUPPOSED TO BE THE ONES SHOWING THEIR YOUNGER SIBLINGS THE ROPES?!

So I've spent a lot of time trying to be good at something while being acutely aware that I hadn't found it yet. It's kinda like trying to fit a 2” square peg into a 1” round hole. It left me feeling completely directionless and like I didn't have a meaningful place to settle into.

Then when I was 24 I stumbled into design and finally felt like I had a perfect 2” square-shaped hole I could tuck myself into. I feel really good about myself as a designer and totally confident + good about what I'm doing now (told you this wasn’t a pity party). 

The design skills and confidence came with a heavy does of stubborness, an affinity for learning and a metric shit ton of self reflection. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past 5 years holding a magnifying glass up to my business, trying to figure out how it fits into my purpose as a human being. Until recently I still felt kinda directionless.

Because here's the thing: design can be so superficial. I didn’t go to school learning about the psychology or theory behind any of it (I'm completely self taught). I’ve never heard another human being tell me why design is important. Like the mind-bending-life-altering ways design can actually be really important instead of a bunch of superficial things that will “help you attract the right audience” or make you feel like you just bought a really nice, expensive coat in that color that really brings out your eyes.

So it wasn’t until recently that all the work and experimentation manifested itself into more clarity and a better sense of direction. These kits are that clarity.

I know on the surface they’re basically just a pretty coat for your website, but my hope is that these kits will help you reach more alignment in your business and I do hope they help other people see just how beautiful your eyes are.

There’s so much more I can say, but I’m not ready to sell at you yet (or whatever it is I’m supposed to do to show you how awesome these kits are). There’s time to list out all the features and benefits and value adds and all that other fun stuff later. For now I just wanted to share a tiny glimpse into the thoughts that led me here, and show you a preview of the work that has more of my heart in it than anything I’ve ever created before.

Here goes :)

kit 1: Hinge

Kit 2: Curious Co

Kit 3: Bang Bang Beauty

Kit 4: Rumi Rose

And there they are! My sweet little design babies.

I’ve already taken up more of your time than I meant to so I’ll be quick about details (also let’s see how many times I can say the word “kit” in one setting):

  • The shop will launch next Monday, November 13 with the 4 kits above.

  • These will be digital downloads with guides, tutorials, graphics + resources to help you customize your kit to match your beautiful business then get it all set up in Squarespace.

  • There will only be 50 of each kit available. Once the 50th finds it’s new home that kit will be retired and become unavailable for purchase to anyone else.

  • When you place an order you’ll receive an email with a link to your kit’s dashboard. From there I'll walk you through each step of the process, from planning out every detail of your site to downloading + customizing the graphic templates to building out your site + launching that baby into the world.

  • You’ll also have the option to hire the studio to customize your kit for you, which is something I’m also excited about because it means I’ll be adding beautiful people to my team and having more fun people around you is MORE FUN, duh.

Okay! That was cool. Thanks for letting me tell you more about the behind-the-scenes stuff ☺️ Now we can get to the giveaway details!!



  • To help me launch the kit shop with a bang I’ll be holding a 24 hour giveaway on my Instagram next Monday

  • Because being nice + lifting people up are really important to me, I’ll ask you to like the post then tag someone you love + quickly tell them why you think they’re great. You can do this as many times as you want and each comment will count as an entry point.

  • Winner will be announced Tuesday morning then we’ll coordinate so I can tell you how to claim your free kit 🎉