How To Create A Moodboard For Your Brand

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Before I begin my branding/design process I have my clients gather inspiration images, and it's super important! This (plus answering my comprehensive questionnaire) are the foundation for all of my projects - and they provide me with all of the details needed to start branding a company in it's greatest capacity. It's important to get it right because these are referenced for everything moving forward. 

I definitely think Pinterest is the most helpful tool to help gather and organize inspiration images, but DribbbleCreative MarketBehance andCanva are super awesome resources too - along with any brands that may represent the direction your client wants their business to go in. (I'd love to hear any other resources you find helpful for gathering inspiration images!)

So here it is, the exact excerpt I use during my Pinterest onboarding stage:

Gathering inspiration images is actually very straight forward, but I wanted to leave a set of instructions and guidelines here to reference whenever you may need it (use my example inspiration board to reference if you'd like):

1 - Gather as many images as you can to begin with (I have categories listed below)
2 - Use the "related pins" feature on Pinterest to help you find images with a similar theme
3 - Look at your board as a whole and edit it down until it feels cohesive and truly representative of the visual elements and feel you want associated with your brand. At the end I think it's nice to have 1-3 font images, 1-2 color images and 2-6 general images. Editing your board and narrowing down your images will help bring focus to your brand!

In regards to collecting images for your inspiration board, you'll want to collect images that represent the fonts, colors and feel you'd like associated with your business. You certainly don't have to do it in this order, but I find it's easier for my clients to collect images in 3 different phases:

Fonts → Colors → Vibe + General Inspiration

Sometimes you'll find images and graphics that represent more than one of these categories. For instance, you might find an image with both the fonts and colors you're drawn to. It's awesome when that happens and will only strengthen the brand message and direction! Remember that gathering images doesn't have to fit neatly into these 3 categories, and that I've only provided them for you as a loose framework to help you stay organized.

Tip: if you find an image you like you can click the pin so it's in large view, then scroll down to see similar pins! Also fee free to use the links below when getting started on your inspiration images:


Font Inspiration

I wanted the fonts in my example board to have a lot of structure but also a lot of fluidity to them, and I was drawn to fonts that had interesting details, as you can see in the images above.

My font images ended up being all black and white but your's certainly don't have to be. As a matter of fact, if you can find font examples that also include colors you like, even better! (1,2,3,4)

Color Inspiration

There are definitely some brands out there that require a wide range of colors to effectively communicate their message (here is a really good example) but most of the time having only 2-4 colors is the way to go. You may already have an idea of the colors you want, and if so - you're already ahead of the game! However, if you don't have a clear idea yet, that's totally fine too. Just pin images that you're drawn to and I'll help you edit down until we've got a better grasp on what color story we should use for your brand. You might even be surprised at the colors you're drawn to during this process! (1,2,3,4)

Vibe + General Inspiration

Images for this category should encompass the feeling you want others to have when they interact with your brand. I was going for a bold and punchy feeling, but with a soft, feminine edge too. (1,2,3,4)

When you're finished collecting images it's a good idea to look at your board as a whole and determine if it feels cohesive or not to you. Do you have a ton of fonts that don't really connect together? If so, look through each one and decide which 1-3 would best reflect the direction you want your brand to go in. Repeat this process for colors, feel and general inspiration until your board feels like the best representation of your brand's visual direction!

Once you hand off your inspiration images and client homework to me, I immediately get started on creating your inspiration board. Remember, I'm always here for questions and assistance. I can't wait to see what images you pin for our project!

And there you have it, the exact outline I use to help my clients gather images for their inspiration board!

Do you use an inspiration board during your client process, and if so do you utilize Pinterest or some other resource to collect images?