How To Create A Personality Quiz For Your Newsletter Opt-in


Have you ever taken one of those BuzzFeed-like personality quizzes? DUDE THEY'RE SO ADDICTING.

I think it's great when someone is interested in learning more about themselves, and any business owner who works intimately with clients on projects can completely understand how beneficial a thoughtful, introspective client can be.

That's why creating a quiz around your specialty is the PERFECT pre-qualifier to getting quality clients in the door. 

You get to showcase your expertise in a fun, engaging way.

You know that someone has to at least be a little interested in the services you provide to even take the quiz.

You're going to build trust like crazy when someone gets your quiz results and feels like you nailed them to a T in the follow up.

Creating a quiz for your opt-in is actually super easy to do, and today I'm partnering up with Interact* to show exactly how to do it!

01. Decide on a quiz concept then flesh it out.

Before you start building your quiz on the Interact* platform, I suggest brainstorming some concepts on paper that you think will be valuable and engaging for your audience. As you can see in the photo above, I'm a big fan of putting pen to paper to create lists to help me turn abstract ideas into concrete strategies :) 

Once you have the concept nailed down you're going to need to think about three things, in this order:
- The quiz results (I suggest coming up with 3-5)
- The questions (don't be like me and try to over complicate this - just shoot for 5-7!)*
- An answer for each question that would point to a specific result

*If you’re a service-based business you probably already have some sort of questionnaire that you use for client on-boarding or project strategy. If so, feel free to use questions from your on-boarding process that would succinctly convey the essence of your quiz results. What questions will quickly get to the root of your answers?

As an example, my opt-in quiz is all about brand personality and how to use it to build a foundation for your business. Since this is what I do every day with client work, I already knew key indicators that could help me find a specific result for quiz takers (aka my quiz answers). These questions include insight about a company's target audience, the reputation they want to build, why they do what they do, how they help their clients and information on their UVP (aka their unique value proposition).

I'm willing to bet you've already got a similar process in place that will help you get started on your quiz, too.

As I mentioned earlier, I've partnered up with Interact* to build my quiz so I'll be showing you how to build out your quiz through their site in today's tutorial. A good bud of mine also uses Interact for her quiz opt-in and has seen so much success (and gained a lot of raving fans) with her quiz. I'm really excited to show you a simple and engaging way (with proven success) to grow your newsletter list!

02. Create your interact account.

You can get started for free by clicking here* and hitting that big orange button at the top of the page, then move right onto step #3.

(Interact* has a free trial and a free forever plan, but to connect your email marketing program you'll need to sign up for one of the paid subscriptions. I’ve got a promo code to give you 25% off of your subscription forever (woo hoo), so if this sounds like your jam make sure to use the code melanie25 when signing up!)

*Since I'm an affiliate partner with Interact it means we both get a deal when you use my special affiliate link and promo code 😉 Read through the rest of this tutorial and take my quiz to get a feel for how the process works - and if it feels right for you I'd love to answer any questions and get you signed up with my code!

03. Click the button that says "create new quiz".

04. Click "create quiz from scratch" then select the "personality" option

05. Add in your quiz title + a short description.

(Don't worry about the cover image for now - I'll walk you through customizing everything once the complete structure of your quiz is laid out).

06. Add in your results.

On the grey sidebar click “Result 1”. The page that pops up basically shows you what your quiz takers will see once they finish the quiz and are matched up with a result. Since my answers are being delivered via email I didn’t want to give too much away on this results page, so I opted to hide the "result image" and "call to action" and leave a simple headline and directions to check email for full results. 

You'll repeat this process for all quiz results.

07. add your quiz questions.

Go back to the grey sidebar and scroll down to the "Questions" section. Click “Question 1” then simply enter your question and answers. You can click “add answer” to add more answer spots. Repeat this process for all questions.

Side note: if you want, you can click “Answer Type: Images” to have images associated with each answer. For the purpose of this tutorial (and because I believe in making things easier for yourself), I’ve chosen to go with just text to deliver a more straightforward experience :)

08. Add result correlations.

Once you have all of your questions and answers plugged in you can go back through and match up what result should be associated with each answer.

For Question 1 click “Edit Result Correlations” in the top right corner, click the first answer in the line up (on the left), click it's associated result (on the right), then repeat for each of the following answers. Click save then repeat the process for the other questions on your quiz.

09. Connect your email marketing program.

Go back to the top of the grey sidebar and hit the “enable lead capture” toggle. Next you'll simply customize your opt-in box (I suggest going with the standard first/last name + email). If you have a privacy policy on your website you can link up to it, too.

Click the next button then select your email provider. Follow the prompts provided to finish connecting the programs.

Once you’ve connected your email marketing service you’ll need to go into that service (mine is ConvertKit) and set up the email sequence for each result. You could make it as simple as a single email with the full results OR create an automated sequence that delivers the results immediately then follows up with related emails over the span of a few days.

Once those are set up, go back to your Interact dashboard and connect the results to their corresponding sequences. 

10. Customize your quiz.

Now that the structure is set up, lets go back and add your brand elements.

On the left sidebar click “Styles” to customize your colors and font and to upload your logo. Note: your logo needs to be the exact dimensions they request (250x150px).

Next, add your quiz cover (should be 900x400px).

Finally, customize your opt-in button color. To do this click “Set up opt-in” at top of the grey sidebar then click “Color” on the button and change. Make sure you save your changes :)

11. Prepare to publish and embed your quiz.

After you finish customizing your quiz you’ll click the top button that says “Save and Exit”, which will direct you to your main dashboard page. From there click “Share and Embed".

A pop up box will appear. I recommend clicking “Responsive” for embed size and keeping the rest of the options to default (with the exception of the “Powered by” option - I'd opt to white label the quiz if it's available on your plan).

You’ll click the “copy to clipboard” button, then......

12. Embed your quiz onto your website.

(These are instructions for Squarespace): Create a new unlinked page just for the quiz. On the new page, click to add a code content block then paste in your quiz code (or hit cmd+v / ctrl+v). You’ll immediately see it pop up behind you. Hit “apply” then save your page!

13. Tell everyone about your new awesome quiz!

From here you'll want to get the word out about your new quiz! Promote on social media, through your newsletter, ask your biz buds to help spread the word, let people know in your Facebook groups, link it up on your website, etc. 

And of course, if you're interested in gaining more insight into your brand's personality and learning how that can help you connect to your audience and grow your business, click here and take the quiz :)

I'm an affiliate partner with Interact because they're awesome and they make quiz building and list building easy and fun. If a quiz seems like a fun marketing option for your business, I'd love for you to sign up through my links and use my promo code to get 25% off of your subscription forever (it's melanie25)!