Introducing: The MBD Logo Shop!

Introducing The MBD Logo Shop: you pick a logo, the studio customizes it for you, BAM!

I got a request to share why I’m adding a semi-custom logo shop to my offerings after announcing the launch on insta (shout out to @designbykm for the great question!), so I wanted to lay it all out for you here.

This is actually a new, hybrid service that I haven't seen a lot of designers offering (yet!) and it fuses the ease and budget-friendliness of pre-made logos with the polished, quality work that comes from hiring a creative, experienced designer 💅🏼

But before I dive into the deets of the shop, lemme tell you about the big, unfair thing I noticed happening in the entrepreneurial world, which will show you exactly why a service like this is so badly needed...

So I’m sure we can all agree that entrepreneurship is having a major moment right now.

  • More and more people are leaving their traditional 9-5 jobs in pursuit of becoming their own bosses. But….
  • With so many industries being completely saturated, it’s now more important than ever to stand out and get noticed (especially if there are a ton of established businesses already taking up space in your industry).
  • One of the essential ways to stand out is by developing + delivering a unique brand experience - something that can quickly get to the essence of who you are, what you do, who you exist to serve and help you stand out in your industry.
  • Typically though, when you invest in a strategic design process like this (results-oriented, thoughtful, thorough...) it isn’t exactly cheap.
  • But here’s the real problem: where are young businesses supposed to come up with the budget to make an investment like this? And how are you ever supposed to stand out next to the more established businesses who can easily afford this type of strategic design??

What’s even worse: as an alternative you’re typically left hodge-podging your visuals or settling for a cheap alternative that never quite feels right. All the while knowing you’re not really giving your audience a chance to see how fun, legit and cool you really are. 

You need good design to stand out, but how can you do that if you don’t have the money to invest in it?

Over the years MBD has developed a super broad audience. There are some who follow along with my free resources to help them DIY their design (i.e., my brand personality quiz, branding starter kit workbookSquarespace website challenge + extensive collection of Squarespace tutorials) and others who are ready to hire a professional to create their design (through my traditional design services).

If you look at it from an income point-of-view...I’ve got people coming to my business whose max design budget is $0....then others ready to shell out $7000+.

There's no middle ground, which is leaving out a HUGE chunk of hustlin' entrepreneurs that deserve to feel proud and confident about their brand identities.

This is a problem I’ve been pursuing a solution to for YEARS, but it’s taken time to act on because first I had to make sure it could stand up to the foundation MBD was built on. 

here are all the major points the new service needed to hit:

  • It needed to be wildly creative + push design boundaries.
  • It needed to be centered around building (or rebuilding) authentic, focused + unique brands (something that makes sense for your business, not just something that looks cool).
  • It needed to make design easy so you can stay focused on running your business.
  • It needed to revolve around building REAL relationships with people who I’d wanna hang out with IRL.
  • And obviously the logos needed to hit all of the standard things you should expect from brand visuals, like being iconic, timeless, attention-grabbing, versatile and something that can grow with you.

With those things in mind, I set out to create the MBD Logo Shop! The end result is a bridge between pre-made logos + custom brand designs (which I’m cleverly calling “semi-custom design” ) and it’s a win-win because it allows me to work with more cool people and give them a slice of the design pie while they’re still growing their brand!

But keep reading, cuz I want to explain WHY semi-custom design deserves a place next to custom design….

Logic vs magic in the branding process

As you can see, steps 1 + 2 don’t rely heavily on the magic, so they can be done without someone like me holding your hand or guiding you through it. And, lucky me, my clients are creatives so they tend to be sensitive/self aware enough to easily get themselves through the first 2 steps.

So in other words...

If you know what info to get and how to formulate a plan with it (which I show you below!), you can work yourself all the way to step 3, which is where the logo shop comes in.

The logo shop’s brand strategy revolves around being in tune with your business and knowing what values and style attributes best align with it. To help you get there….

Step 1: get info

There’s lots of advice out there for what info you should get at this stage, but over time I’ve realized the essence of a brand can be determined by answering three simple questions:

  • Who do you want to connect with? (What is this person like, what's important to them?)
  • How do you want to make them feel?
  • What is your customer’s taste level?
    • Does your customer buy groceries at Whole Foods or Walmart? Do they get massages on the regular, or do they opt for a free mani/pedi at home? Do they get most of their clothes from Forever 21 or Banana Republic?
    • If you can start thinking of these answers in a general sense, you'll be able to get a quick idea of your customer’s taste level and start understanding the things they value in the products and services they buy.

Try using this formula to help you outline this info….

  • At (your business name) I work best with people who _______. They tend to be _______ and they love _______.
  • When my audience interacts with my brand, I want them to feel _______, _______ and _______.
  • My customers place a lot of value in _______ and _______ when making purchases, and always look for the most _______ option.

Here's how mine looks:

  • At MBD I work best with people who have a care free attitude. They tend to be high energy and ambitious when it comes to their businesses and they love building others up.
  • When my audience interacts with my brand, I want them to feel inspired, lighter and more confident.
  • My customers place a lot of value in trust and creativity when making purchases, and always look for the most quality and dependable option.

Once you've got a solid idea of who you want to connect with, how you want them to feel and what things your customers value, you can....

Step 2: formulate brand plan

During this step we need to lay out all the things your visuals should communicate. Use the info you gathered in step 1 to come up with values and style attributes that make up your unique brand (I like to call these “brand buzz words”). If you used the formula you should have a great start to this list!

Here's what you need to do:

  • Start writing freely (without editing yourself) and come up with at least 20 characteristics that describe your business. 
  • When you’re done, edit the list down by highlighting the most important words. Let’s try to cut it in half.
  • Now go through one final time and circle the 3-5 most important characteristics. BOOM - now you’ve got a unique list of brand buzz words for your business.
  • PS - if you’re struggling with coming up with your initial list of words, try using this list of characteristics, or consider taking my brand personality quiz and see what your quiz results say about your brand foundation.

Step 3: turn your plan into visuals

Now that you’ve guided yourself through the first 2 steps, you’re primed to match up with a brand set in the logo shop

  • With your list of buzz words and all that extra clarity and focus you just created, browse through the logos and take note of anything that feels like it communicates the values listed in your plan (I’ve got buzz words listed for each logo that you can match up to your list).
  • I encourage you to set up a quick + free consult so we can go over your plan and ensure the logo you love is in fact a good fit 👯‍♀️
  • From there you’ll submit your order and fill out a form during checkout that will guide the customization process. Me or one of the designers here at the studio will get to work on it within 1-3 business days then deliver it straight to your inbox for you to review.
  • One other thing: each brand set is sold only once, so you’re getting a totally unique identity that no one else will have! You can also add on marketing items during check out to make it a one-stop shop!

So in short, the logo shop (along with the Squarespace kit shop I launched last fall!) is my way of making quality, strategic design more accessible to everyone, especially younger businesses with smaller design budgets.

There's still a couple of weeks before the launch (!!!) but in the mean time I've got categories organized below for you to check out! 

If your biz feels classic with a lil pizzazz added in….

good matches: Fig + Lavender, Le ChateauThe Cellar


If your business is feminine, ladylike or sweet...

good matches: Natalie GraceNouveauFig + Lavender

If you’re elegant and sophisticated...

good matches: Le Chateau, The Anderson Company, Helium Events


If your biz is playful, quirky or whimsical...