Rumi Rose Showcase

MBD Squarespace Design Kits | Rumi Rose Design + Customization Ideas

I think I was in this hyper-weird head space when I created Rumi rose.

I'm normally a pretty chill person but I had been feeling this strong pull to create something that jolted me and made me feel more alert. I also knew I wanted to launch with at least one commerce-based kit - thus, Rumi Rose was born!

I definitely pulled in the reigns on the weirdness (to make sure it stayed as versatile as the other kits), so you're still getting the fresh, polished vibes the MBD studio has become known for - just with a little extra romantic, whimsical flair.

My favorite features are definitely the top banner image of each page (they allow for you to make a strong statement with branded photography) and the graphic detailing on the product images

Rumi Rose is a streamlined and highly organized size that allows your content and products to shine.

Click the images for ideas on how to customize this kit, then dig into the deets below and check out the demo site so you can this baby in action!

MBD Squarespace Design Kits | Rumi Rose Design + Customization Ideas
MBD Squarespace Design Kits | Rumi Rose Design + Customization Ideas
MBD Squarespace Design Kits | Rumi Rose Design + Customization Ideas

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  • The home page features a custom collage graphic to help you highlight important parts of your site (like your online shop or a sale). The flashing graphic introduces movement and makes the home page feel more "alive", giving extra impact to your site visitors.

  • This kit comes with 4 product image templates to help give special branded detail to your shop items.

  • Each page features a large banner area at the top to highlight a strong branded image for your business.

  • The clutter-free pages keep the emphasis on your products + content.

  • In addition to the graphic template files, step-by-step video tutorials and an easy design cheat sheet, the Rumi Rose kit also features an easy copy-and-paste CSS customization to make the newsletter block go onto one line when your site is viewed from desktop.

  • If you want to plan a little before making a purchase be sure to check out the ultimate guides I created on font, color + photography for your website (OR take the lil' brand personality quiz I made this past summer and see what kind of results you get)!

  • After you have a solid idea of the vibe you wanna go for, it really is as simple as:

    • Logging into your kit's dashboard

    • Working through the kit downloads

    • Then it's plug and play for your website copy and imagery

    • I've got video guides and PDFs with step-by-step instructions to help you along the way!