5 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Design

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Design. Click through to read →

Who are some of your favorite companies and brands? Are you able to pick up on their intended vibe or message with the photography they use and the way they speak to their customers - whether that’s on their website, Instagram or email blasts?

And, if you pay attention to it, what are the feelings you have when you interact during those various touchpoints? Do you trust that the company can make good on it's promises? Are they delivering a consistent message? Do you ever feel confused about what they’re trying to get across to you? Or do you ever feel like they’re speaking directly to your heart?

No matter how different the industries may be, those companies all have the same thing in common: a thoughtful and consistent brand identity. Everything they do filters through it. And how do you come up with a brand identity? By getting to the why - the purpose - of a brand. Getting to “the why” also gives you “the who” (your target customer) and “the how” (your brand strategy) of your business's brand identity.

We’ll have a more in-depth conversation about “the why”, “the who” and “the how” later on in this series, but for now let’s focus on the big impact branding can have on your business!

01 | A strong brand positions you as a professional.

This is probably the easiest point to make, but…. having your thoughts, strategies and visuals presented in an organized manner portrays your business as being put together. And that’s exactly what good branding does: it puts your business’s mission, personality, target market and goals into a nice (and beautiful! and unique!) package that every part of your business filters through. 

When you have a thoughtful and cohesive brand, people will assume you’re composed and organized. With a water-tight visual and brand strategy, you’re able to assert authority with confidence in your industry. 

02 | A strong brand aids recognition and builds trust.

Man is this a big one! A cohesive and established brand identity will span across any and all platforms that you operate on: your website, instagram, facebook, postcards, blog posts and so on. Operating under your brand strategy (using the same logo/logo variations, fonts, colors, voice, feel, etc) helps you become easily recognizable and builds trust at the same time!

The consistency of your brand elements (which I know we can all agree equals so much more than just a logo) makes you easily recognizable to your target market - and it fosters loyalty from your clients and blog visitors when they know what to expect from you.

03 | A strong brand produces credibility.

This point ties perfectly into building trust with your brand. Once people know they can trust you, it also means they start to believe and depend on you. Your authority sky rockets and you become a valuable resource to the people you’re trying to reach.

What’s even better than that, is that establishing credibility also offers more opportunity to do cooler and cooler things - often in partnership with others. Think of the collaborations, workshops and events that could spark from the authority you’ve established!

04 | A strong brand makes it easier to sell your product or service, and sell more of it.

So let me ask you this: what does appearing more professional while building recognition, trust and credibility ultimately lead to?


Simply put, the brand you create around your business directly affects the sales you make and the quality of interaction between you and your target customer. If your brand seems disorganized, inconsistent and confusing, people will interact with you that way.

On the other hand, if your brand comes off as organized and consistent - ultimately leading to a more professional identity and trust in your brand - your target customer is more likely to spend their hard earned dollar on your product or service.

Another thing to consider is the quality of your brand campaign. If your visuals and execution are done right, your customers will perceive the value you offer as higher. That also leads to trust and loyalty - are you seeing how this all ties in together?!

05 | A strong brand fosters PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP!

One of the greatest things an old boss of mine ever told me happened after I created a new website for him. He told me that he was actually proud to direct new clients and friends to his site. Man. As a designer, that makes it all worth it.

The thing is, that boss (a realtor) KILLS IT at real estate. He’s been in the business for 10+ years and is very successful and good at what he does. Like most small businesses, his brand reflects who he is (personality, ethics and business mentality) and is something he carries into every face-to-face interaction he has. He's been able to gain a lot of business and build loyalty around his brand, even before creating a super strong visual identity to match it.

The man was confident before, but to see just how proud he was and hear how valuable his company’s new visual identity was to him is the perfect example of what branding can do intrinsically. He walks into presentations with new clients with his head a little higher. When his clients interact with him on his website and social media, he knows he's making a lasting impression even without being directly in front of them.

Strong branding helps you carry yourself more confidently into everything you do. Feeling good about how you present yourself is irreplaceable, and, at the end of the day, how you feel about what you’re doing is the most important thing.

So what are the takeaways here, and what steps can you take today to make sure your business mirrors your passion and goals?

1 - Think about why you do what you do.
2 - Write a list of words you want people to use when describing your business.
3 - Write out 5 adjective or words that best describe your ideal customer.
4 - Consider the primary message you want to convey to your customers.
5 - Think about where you want your project or business to be in 5 years time, and jot down specific ways you can use a strong brand to help you get there.

These questions (and many more just like it) are what I use to help passionate individuals and businesses get to the finer points that make up their brand’s unique identity. If you’re interested in getting your complete branding package (unique + individualized visual components for your company, a website to center everything you do + marketing collateral to support your new brand and website) I’d love to get the conversation going! Email me at hello@mybilliedesigns.com or use my contact form to get the conversation started!

I'm interested to know your answer from question #5 above! What are some ways you can use a strong brand to help you reach your business's long-term goals?