Vision Planning Party 🎉✨

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Today I wanna have a little party with you :)

And not only that, but I wanna make sure you feel super, duper clear about what you’re working towards — and maybe even get real about what that even is.

I want us to take a tiny portion of our day to celebrate being an online business owner and acknowledge how freaking hard it can be AND take some time to make sure our actions are aligned with our priorities!

Because if you’re anything like me, what you say and what you do can totally not add up sometimes.

You set goals and plan but then get in your day-to-day and things start sliding and shifting, and suddenly your plans aren’t panning out the way you thought they’d be.

We need to take time to celebrate and appreciate ourselves, but we also need to get REALLY REALLY clear on our values and priorities so we can steer our businesses in a way that align with the LIFE we wanna be living.

After having lots of conversations with designers, I’ve realized that sometimes we need a little coaching or guidance to gain a DEEPER understanding of what we’re working towards.

Also, there’s a LOT of information out there from experts who are working hard to guide you in your business journey. How do you even know what information to follow? How do you know if a piece of advice is worth pursuing, and what needs to be ignored?

As an educator myself, I’ve started to feel this huge responsibility to guide people towards understanding themselves better. I’m not here to blindly sell you a solution with my information, courses and products. I want you to experience results. And to do that, you have to know what you even want! You have to know how to make great decisions for yourself :)

It’s so important to be clear on your goals and your vision because goals are how you navigate your business. Having clearly defined goals is how you make better decisions for yourself. It’s how you build a business you’re actually obsessed with.

SO! Let’s dive into this Vision Planning party together :) Click here to access the Google Doc that goes along with this post then hit play on the video below: