A Behind The Scenes Peek Into My New Website's Strategy and Redesign

A Behind The Scenes Peek Into My New Website's Strategy and Redesign

I just relaunched my website after MANY months of strategizing and thought it’d be helpful to walk through the new site design and share how I came to the finished result. I wanna talk about all the things that helped bring purpose into how I designed it and explain why I did things a certain way.

We’re gonna go over what my business goals were and how I translated those onto my website, as well as go over how I’m creating an experience and making an emotional connection with my site visitors. More than anything I wanna give you permission to simplify your own website, so check out the video below to see how I’ve simplified, simplified, simplified to create a shiny new website for my business:

Here are the major takeaways from the video:

  • Your website is a visual representation of what your business is all about. You have to have a vision before you can execute on it. You gain traction in your business when you provide an experience and are super clear on what it is that you're doing and how you help.

  • Take a step back and make sure you understand some basic details about your business: what your income sources are, what do you do, who your audience is and what you want to represent in your industry. Have all of these things clearly outlined before you begin — this will make designing your website so much easier to do. I got clear on what my "thing" is and it made the web design process flow so much more easily. What's your thing? Everything on your website should filter through it. This is what will give you a unique voice and help you stand out from others in your industry!

  • Simplify your website navigation and make sure it's easy for your site visitors to understand what you want them to do. How can they get the information they need in the easiest way possible? Organize pages into dropdown folders if you have a lot of information in your navigation.

  • Build your website around normal human behavior:

    • People tend to scan information before they really dive into the meat of it.

    • People like to click images - use that as an opportunity to link up to where you want someone to go.

    • Make it easy for someone to make the next step; use clear buttons that say something direct like “click here”, “sign up”, “purchase”, etc.

    • An easy way to understand how someone will typically behave on your site is to simply start paying attention to how you interact with websites. Start to notice what pages you typically look for when you land on a new website. How do you process the information on each page? What is happening when something grabs your attention and makes you want to learn more? When you land on a website that makes you excited about the person or company, think about the reasons why. Was it their imagery? Their messaging and how they made you feel? The colors or font? Alternatively, when you exit out of someone’s website without taking any action, why do you think you did that?

      • When you start thinking about your own website-browsing behaviors, it’s easier to get in the mindset of your website visitors and understand how you can arrange your website to get the results you want based off of typical human behavior!

  • When it comes to website imagery, use photos, graphics and icons that reinforce what your business is all about. You want to use visuals on your website that help drive the ideas home and help communicate what you do.

    • If you can use an image or icon to drive a point home quicker than text, use the image with just a little supporting text.

    • Reuse mockups, icons and graphics to build cohesiveness and consistency. This means you can repurpose what you create so you don't have to start from the ground up on each page. Reuse graphics and icons multiple times throughout your website as a way to simplify your website-building tasks and build consistency throughout your website.

  • When it comes to website copy, get straight to the point of what you’re trying to convey. Use succinct verbiage that says who you are, what you do and who you do it for.

    • Use headlines, lists and buttons that a site visitor can scan. You can use bolded text, a larger font and color to help things stand out, too.

    • Think about what info on each page is the most important. This is what should be the easiest to pick up when someone is scanning a page.

    • Instead of trying to make a million different points on a page, decide on the one major thing you want someone to take away from each page and repeat it throughout the page. You're basically taking the same idea and repeating it over and over again to reinforce the important things about your business.

    • Have your one main message for each page and create variations of the same message.

    • You don’t need huge walls of text on your website. Just the big ideas that are going to help communicate the big picture points and help someone learn more about you and your business.

  • Repeatedly ask yourself how you can simplify your ideas and make them less complicated. How can you make everything more clear and easy to understand?


In conclusion:

A simple, thoughtful website is going to be more effective for your business at the end of the day. It’s important to get clear on how you want your website to work for you before you even begin to design.

When planning your website, think about your site visitor and what they'll want to see and what info they’ll need. Ask for the next step on every page. Think about what we can do to help the people on our website learn more about us and get excited to interact with us and our business!

Simplify your copy. Think of your copy in headlines, sections and calls to action. When you create images or graphics for your website, figure out how you can repurpose those across your website to build consistency and cohesive and create less work for yourself!

Remember - simplify, simplify, simplify if you want to create an effective website for your business. And be sure to let me know what you thought of the video and these website tips! I’m over here on Instagram and can’t wait to learn more about you :)