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creative strategy + design that helps you tell your story and elevate your business.


It's not uncommon for businesses to find themselves out of sync a few years after their last branding efforts.


If you feel disconnected from your brand, have seen growth since you first started, are dealing with a changing market, or just know how it feels to see your customer’s taste change right in front of your eyes, it's most definitely time for a rebrand.


I get it, and I want to help you realign your brand and business so it all makes sense again.

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when you develop your brand identity with me, here’s what you get:


01. Custom logo design suite + brand identity elements - including alternate logos, signature patterns and font + color suggestions.

02. Three marketing items of your choosing.

03. Brand Strategy PDF + Brand Identity Guideline.

04. A design professional in your back pocket! I build actual relationships with my clients and I love investing myself in your business. Keep me up to date with anything you need after our project and I’ll be happy to assist :)


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here's how it works:



01. Prep work. The first step is to map out the strategy behind your project. After your project is booked I'll send you my strategy call prep list so you can get a good idea of the type of information we'll discuss during our call. A week before your project starts we'll hop on the phone + work through the list so I can get up to speed on all the essential parts of your biz.

02. Strategy. This is where I really dig into the information you provide in your strategy workbook. I then perform my own research into your industry, competition and target market, and lay the foundation for your brand identity. To organize my findings, I'll create and present a brand strategy guide to you. You'll let me know if I hit the mark, then comes the fun part...

03. Brand identity development. At this point I'm ready to dive head first into your brand identity! I always develop full brand concepts (here's an example) so I can really convey my vision for your brand. This is always the funnest part for my clients and I honestly can't get enough of their excitement during this step!

04. Refine + deliver. I'll get your feedback, make any adjustments needed, then deliver print ready files for your marketing materials. You’ll also receive a ton of fun logo files, plus a couple of guides to help your marketing efforts as you move forward after our project.

Your investment for a shiny, new brand identity (+ 3 marketing ITEMS!) STARTS AT $2500*.


Important stuff:


I only work with a handful of clients at a time to ensure each project gets the attention it deserves. It also makes for a faster turnaround time! After your strategy workbook is turned in, you can expect your new brand identity to be completed in 3 short weeks. BOOM.

*I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to book your project in the calendar. The balance is due at the end of the project and before any final files can be delivered.

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here's what happens when you invest in your brand:



01. You save money. You can’t afford to lose out on new business by confusing your customers and letting your competition outshine you! When you put off creating that marketing piece, you’re also missing out on sales. When you send out materials with inconsistent messaging, you confuse your audience and they take their business elsewhere. Investing in your brand identity helps you make more money.

02. You save time. I know how to get to the heart of your business fast and only work with a handful of clients at a time to ensure a speedy process. They say time is money, and I help you save both.

03. Things start clicking. When you combine creativity with strategic thinking, you get results. Let me know where you want to take your business and I’ll help you get there. Plain and simple, good design and on-point messaging converts.

04. Ditch the overwhelm. I have a refined process that cuts through the fog and delivers focus and clarity for my clients. Let me do the heavy lifting for you so you can keep focusing on your business and serving your clients.