Understanding your brand personality is essential to growing an online business. There are 5 brand archetypes that can help you build a strong foundation. Answer these 6 questions so I can match you up to your personality type then send personalized lessons to help you establish the nitty gritty details of your brand and business foundations:

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“Thank you so much for the branding prompts!! I am doing the work and loving how practical you make it. Light bulb moment: your Sincere personality description is so right on that it made me slap my forehead. YES girl! That IS me. Why try to be anything else?! ” - Amanda

“Holy shit! Your emails have helped me figure out so much in just a short time!! I’m so glad you say things short and sweet..the worst is a rambler! THANK YOU!! It’s like we speak the same language haha!!” - Jamie

“Omgggg....loving your trainings!! They are totally speaking to me!! I’ve owned my business for over a year and embarrassed to say I had no idea  about the importance of finding my audience or my niche.” - Rhonda