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Branding Starter Kit

Download this FREE 16-page workbook all about helping you develop and design a clear brand strategy. I’ll guide you as you get clear on your unique brand foundation and bring laser sharp focus and purpose to your brand visuals.


    The Branding Starter Kit Workbook will help you:

    Get clear about your brand foundation (who you are, who your audience is, what your core values are, why they matter, etc)

    Gather inspiration images and create a beautiful, professionally designed moodboard to bring your brand foundation to life

    ✓ Develop your primary logo using the exact steps I take when creating custom brand identities for my design clients (you can do this using free resources & tools!)

    ✓ How to use your moodboard and primary logo to build out a full brand identity with patterns, branded colors, messaging style and personality

    ✓ Plus exercises to plan out your marketing strategy and brand touchpoints with potential customers

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