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"How to get website content from clients quicker + charge more for your websites"

with Melanie Lea of My Billie Designs


In this free 35 minute master class you’ll learn:

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About the special resource I created using a free tool that allows me to easily collaborate with clients during the content collection process.

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How to tweak the web design process you already have so you get what you need from clients quicker.

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Plus how you can increase your prices while creating a more streamlined process. I’ll show you how I earn an extra $1000 per project using this framework!



This training is for you if:

You want your website projects to go smoothly and finish on time.

You’re ready to start making more income per project so you can take on less client work and stop hustling so much.

You feel overwhelmed with your business and know it’s time to transform your web design process.




I’m Melanie Lea, owner of My Billie Designs :)

As a college dropout and self-taught designer with NO prior business experience, I 100% believe that if I can create a thriving, successful web design business — so can you.

And part of that means working with clients and helping them with the content collection process.

The problem is that collecting website content from clients is the #1 frustration that web designers face — whether you’re a brand new solopreneur or an established web design agency.

I’m excited to show you the simple solution that allowed me to create a premium offering for my clients that transformed my web design process into a well-oiled, streamlined machine that clients love and that solved the biggest problem we face in our industry!

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Get the content you need from clients quicker:

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