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Need a sounding board for your business idea or marketing problem?

Stuck in an awkward client situation?

Tired of feeling like you’re doing business alone?

I'm here to help!

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Running (or building, or scaling, or growing) a design business is so tough. There are so many things that go into actually having a thriving business especially as a designer.

As someone who:

  • Has experience growing a business even though I’m a self-taught designer and college dropout…

  • Has also dealt with depression, anxiety, focus issues and productivity issues…

  • And has built a business using different business models (courses, digital products, services)…

I wanna help you look at your business and figure out solutions to your problems. This strategy hour is dedicated to you and whatever you need.

Do you need help with your design business foundations (pricing, packages, process)?

Do you need a simple sales funnel to bring in high qualified leads so you can book more clients?

Do you need a marketing strategy?

Do you have a time issue where you aren't getting everything done?

What about balance? Are you overwhelmed with your business and it's affecting your life?

I’ll help you look at things in a high-level way and come up with a game plan that moves you forward. I’m here to be a sounding board so you have support in your corner!


I’m Melanie, creator of Powerhouse Web Designer and owner of a multi-faceted online design business and digital shop. My sweet spot is helping web designers set up their businesses so they can earn more money, bring in higher quality clients and have a business that supports the lifestyle they want.

As a completely self-taught designer who’s built a successful online business through design services and digital products/courses (despite having no prior business experience and ever-present anxiety and depression), I’m here to help you work through your hang-ups and frustrations so you can get to the point of business that has you feeling more in control and organized.

Use the scheduler above to pick a date and time that work with your schedule then you can fill out my quick form, pay your $150 booking fee then BOOM — you’re that much closer to having the business of your dreams with a new friend and cheerleader supporting you along the way. We’ll also go over your personalized follow-up plan during the call.

I can’t wait to learn more about you!