My Billie Designs is a graphic design studio where I get to help clients tell their story visually to elevate their businesses. I believe in refined design, being bold in your beliefs and pushing the envelope, so every design decision made for you has a purpose outside of being just another trend passing through. I pair strategy with my creativity and intuition and the results help my clients drive their businesses forward while making an impression that lasts.


Here's what I can do for you:


brand identity

Does your brand feel inconsistent or all over the place? Are you preparing for massive growth? Let's get your biz on track so you can get back to killin' it and doing your thing. Click here for more details.

web design

Literally the most important marketing item you could invest in! I pair strategy with thoughtful, professional design to build incredible and powerful Squarespace websites for my clients. Click here for more details.

website audits

DIYing your site? Let me be the fresh set of eyes your site needs. I'll audit your site and offer suggestions (with mockups!) to help you elevate your design and streamline your website strategy. Click here for more details.