Here’s How The Quicker Content Framework Works:

steps_step 1.png

Send the Website Content Guide that comes with your purchase to your client and have them answer the questions by a certain date. The questions are broken down into bite size chunks organized by page that are easy for your client to answer.

steps_step 2.png

Tweak the process you already have to develop a voice and tone for your client. This process is easier than you think and I’ll give you step-by-step instructions :) You’ll simply make note of things your client says during meetings and how they talk.

steps_step 3.png

Use the Content Guide and exercises from step 2 to form the final copy for your client. I have tips + tricks to help you form simple and effective website copy that makes this step a breeze; it’s designed to be done in no time!

steps_step 4.png

Combine the finished copy with your website design and have your client send their revisions along with their design feedback - it’s all done in one easy step after your client can see how everything fits together.