I'm so excited that you're interested in the Logo Pop Up Shop! This is a semi-customization service which is something I haven't seen a lot of people doing before! Because of this, I ask that you read through the information on this page before submitting your order to ensure you understand how the process works, as well as know the important stuff like terms + conditions and the refund policy for your order.

how the pop up shop works:

  1. Before I can begin any work I'll need you to really think about your brand values. What would your business’s “style” be if it had one? What are basic things about your MOST IDEAL customer (age range, gender, things he/she values and how do they align with your business values)?
  2. Then you'll browse through all the logos. Each one includes multiple color variations to showcase versatility. Make sure to take a close look at each logo's buzz words to find the best fit for your business.
  3. After that you'll submit your order (woo hoo)! You'll fill out a form during checkout with information that will help me customize your logo.
  4. I’ll get to work on your logo within 1-3 business days after you submit your order. I may have questions or ideas to run by you once I get started, so be prepared to fit in a quick strategy call if needed.
  5. Once I finish you’ll be presented with the initial customizations. From there (and if we even need it), I’ll do one more round of edits. Anything needed after that will be charged at an hourly rate of $100/hour (just keep this in mind while giving feedback. We always want to make sure the edits and updates get us closer to the final goal).
  6. After customization is finalized I'll send over your logo files! Easy as that! They'll be delivered within 5-7 business days after you submit your order. Deliverables will include multiple file types of your new logo (for both print + web, multiple color options, black/white, etc), a brand style guide, links to purchase/download the fonts used in your logo + A FUN LITTLE SURPRISE to help elevate your new brand identity!!

How customization works:

Due to difference in business name length your final logo may have a slightly different layout than the example logo. To me, this is actually really cool because it makes the end result even more unique! The only thing I ask is for you to keep an open mind, and of course I hope you’ll trust my skill and experience to make design decisions that make the most sense for your business.

Besides the business name and possible layout changes, we'll also work together to customize the colors for your brand. If you already have colors in mind I’ll ask you to share them after checkout, otherwise we can explore and experiment with a few options.

PLEASE NOTE! I'm open to discussing alternative Illustrations or icon elements if you love a layout but aren't sure if the illustration makes sense for your brand. We'll need to discuss this prior to submitting your order, as I want to make sure the replacement illustration is a solid replacement and a good fit for your logo (and that I'm able to accommodate the request). 

If you have any questions at all before your purchase or wish to discuss the fit of a logo with your business/biz name please reach out ASAP and we’ll set up a quick phone call to go over your concerns! This is a partnership and it’s important to me that you feel comfortable about your investment.

These are pre-made logos, but don’t forget you’re getting to partner up with an experienced designer to help you make smart decisions for your branding! THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!!!

Terms + conditions:

Your order and payment grant you license of the logo suite for any marketing or promotional material you choose to use the elements on. Upon completion of customization I'll transfer copyrights to you, though I will reserve the right to showcase the work on my site, portfolio or social media. 

Refund policy: 

Due to the customized nature of each order, we are unable to issue any type of refund once any work has been started on your order. There's a very small window between submitting your order and getting started on customizations where you will still be allowed a refund for your purchase, but you must contact me before customization begins in order to be eligible for a refund.