asana basics

Asana is my AMAZING project management tool and is essential to helping us stay on track and keep up with all moving pieces during the design process. The majority of our communication will also be done here (such as questions related to the design process, giving your feedback on designs, file uploads/downloads, etc).

Here's what you need to know:

01. Your invite to Asana should be in your email. Please follow the instructions to create your account and once you're in, I recommend bookmarking the page since we'll be using it almost daily during our project.

02. Look in the left column to find your project. If you click your project name you'll see our project's schedule appear on the right side of the screen.

Asana Basics.jpg

03. This initial view of your project is called List View. If you look directly underneath the search bar (top middle) you'll see that you can toggle between, "List", "Conversations", "Calendar", "Progress" and "Files".

  • LIST VIEW / TASKS: This shows all the tasks in our project in list format. I've divided the project into phases (Project Prep, Branding, Refinements, etc) and within each phase is a list of tasks. Each task has a due date and assignee. Your tasks all say "CLICK ME!", which will lead you to more instructions for each one.

    Once a task is complete you'll need to click the checkmark associated with it. Depending on your settings, it will appear faded or disappear completely. If your task disappears and you want it to appear faded, just hit the gear icon on the top right corner then select "View All Tasks". If it appears faded but you want it to disappear completely, hit "View Incomplete Tasks".
  • CONVERSATIONS: This is where we'll talk about anything related to the project that isn't task specific (new ideas, business questions, questions about the process, etc).
  • CALENDAR: Pretty self-explanatory, but with this view you can see our project from a monthly stand point. Each day will have all the tasks that are due.
  • PROGRESS: This is a broad overview of how many tasks we have vs how many have been completed. 
  • FILES: You can click this view to see all files that have been uploaded to your project. Some tasks will have files attached to them which can also be viewed if you click the individual task (in list view), but for easy access to all files just click "Files" at the top.

Alternate project views can be seen below:


04. Back in list view, if you click a task you'll see that a box slides in on the right. This box will sometimes have instructions or things for you to download. There's also a comment box if you have questions or want to start a conversation about a specific task (see below).

When feedback or an action is needed from you, you’ll see an extra reminder that says “CLICK ME!” :)

Asana Basics 6.jpg

Once you're in on the project I'll go in and assign your specific tasks to you, which will then make your photo/profile appear next to your tasks. You can customize your photo if you like (click the circle in the top right corner and hit "my profile settings".

and That's it! Let me know if you have any questions about Asana!