Black Moon

Black Moon


From Melanie: The Black Moon set was created with a very specific audience in mind, one that's drawn to dark elegance. The vibes of this set are mysterious, witchy and very composed. Don't let "black" in the name sway you too much. This logo would actually look super cool in any high contrast combo.

** The color options presented here are for mock up purposes only. We'll work together to create a color palette that works specifically for your brand (unless of course one of these options really resonates with you). 

** I want to make sure you're fully aware of every part of this transaction before submitting your order! It's your responsibility to know this information so please read through the terms + conditions and refund policy before submitting your order. 

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Brand buzz words:

Mysterious  |  Witchy  |  Nostalgic  |  Dramatic  |  Composed

Do these adjectives line up with your business style and target customer? If yes, then this is probably a great pick for you!