Natalie Grace

Natalie Grace


From Melanie: I love the fun font in the Natalie Grace logos! Since the border here is so structured and rigid I wanted to use a font that made it less serious. I played with fun patterns and soft colors to help the suite feel more relaxed, but you could also go with deeper colors and still pull off playful and fun. 

** The color options presented here are for mock up purposes only. We'll work together to create a color palette that works specifically for your brand (unless of course one of these options really resonates with you). 

** I want to make sure you're fully aware of every part of this transaction before submitting your order! It's your responsibility to know this information so please read through the terms + conditions and refund policy before submitting your order. 

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editorial  |  modern  | whimsical|  girly  |  happy

Do these adjectives line up with your business style and target customer? If yes, then this is probably a great pick for you!