I've got samples below of each logo that will be for sale starting Monday, May 8! They're presented in just one color palette in the sneak preview but you'll be able to see other color variations once the shop goes live (to help you get an idea for how versatile a particular logo might be).

I've included buzz words and some notes below each logo with my thoughts on personality fit. Please email me if you have any questions (hello@mybilliedesigns.com) about how your business name/style might fit with a particular logo.

thanks for taking a peek!


buzz words:

classic  |  refined  |  luxe  |  upscale

Melanie's notes: I went ultra-feminine with the color palette on this preview but I want to point out how versatile this logo actually is. It would also look really good with a softer palette, something more muted or even with deeper, more dramatic shades. 

buzz words:

playful  |  quirky  |  high energy

Melanie's notes: This one is definitely for a business that offers a playful vibe and infuses fun into their client experience! I really like the modern high contrast presented in this example but we could easily go more saturated or softer too.

buzz words:

composed  |  witchy  |  dramatic

Melanie's notes: This logo is for a very specific audience, one with a bit of dark elegance. Don't let "black" in the mock up name sway you too much. This logo would actually look super cool in any high contrast combo.

buzz words:

gender neutral  |  sophisticated  |  classic

Melanie's notes: I could see this logo appealing to a more mature crowd with the current color palette, though switching the darker color to something soft or bright would help it feel more youthful. The little icon sort of reminds me of a little clam shell (and the circles look like bubbles!), so it could be appropriate for someone who's coastal. It could also be perceived as an abstract floral icon as well. Color and business name will help give it more context and shape the actual personality it gives off!

buzz words:

subtle  |  elegant  |  modern

Melanie's notes: I love the simplicity of this layout! I'm generally not a fan of using script/handwritten fonts in your branding because I think cursive fonts can look really dated REALLY fast. I love this one though because it looks like actual hand-writing and isn't perfect. It's got "imperfections" and that's what I love most about it. It's feminine without being girly and strikes a nice balance between feeling both loose and composed.

buzz words:

refined  |  subtle  |  elegant

Melanie's notes: I like how sassy this font is without being over the top. This logo is full of little details that give it personality. A 2-tone color palette will work best with this logo. Could also work well with a circle border or no border at all.

buzz words:

editorial  |  modern  |  a hint of whimsy

Melanie's notes: I love the fun font in this logo! The border layout is very structured and rigid so I wanted to use a font that made it less serious, and incorporate a fun pattern to help it feel more relaxed. This would look great with a variety of color variations, though black + one light color will help it feel the most editorial and light.

buzz words:

pretty  |  feminine  |  sophisticated

Melanie's notes: This logo is definitely one of the most feminine and girly logos no matter the color palette you choose. The fonts help give it a classic feel and it could be appropriate for a wide age range. The floral mark on the right looks really good as just a plain white logo over a black background, too. 

buzz words:

playful  |  modern  |  quirky  |  clean  |  airy

Melanie's notes: Nothing serious or drab about this logo set! This one won't work as well with dark or moody colors so it will be best fit for a company who considers themselves to be energetic, modern and light. I could see a more youthful crowd being drawn to this logo.

buzz words:

classic  |  pretty  |  clean

Melanie's notes: This logo is super versatile and could easily be updated to feel more gender neutral, or refined, or modern, or weird....whatever you want! The layout and fonts are very classic but fun so this one will be easy to mold to your brand :)



logos will go on sale Monday, May 8 at 10am cst!!

As a reminder, each logo will actually come as a suite so you'll get a primary logo and an alternate logo along with a customized color palette, brand style guide + a fun little goodie that I'll send with your final logo files! :)

The cost of this service is $450 and the turnaround time is 5 business days after you submit your order. Please note that the $450 does not include files of your logo fonts (font licensing doesn't work that way unfortunately), but I'll be sure to send you links so you can purchase/download your fonts.