Le Chateau Du Nord

Le Chateau Du Nord

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The Le Chateau brand set delivers a fresh, sophisticated personality that's perfect for delicate, feminine-inspired businesses! The font pairing evokes an ultra classic vibe while the soft curve of the ginkgo leaves lends a graceful, elegant feel. The two patterns help strengthen the branding and give it a young, modern edge.

If you love this set: colors, business name, location and tagline will be customized to suit your biz! At checkout you'll fill out a questionnaire that helps us customize your order, and have the option to add on a business card design or set of 4 social media graphic templates too.*

*The mock ups on this page are for example purposes only. Yours will be designed from the ground up completely with you in mind 💗


sophisticated  |  delicate  |  classic  |  graceful  |  elegant

Do these adjectives line up with your business style and target customer? If yes, then this is probably a great pick for you!


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