Design party: the clone stamp

If you saw my bedroom inspiration post last week then the white bed on the right might look a little familiar to you. What you see on the left is how it started out though. The technique for this is super easy and is used in photo editing a lot. The concept is this: select your clone stamp tool (you can simply press "S" for the keyboard shortcut) and "stamp" an area once (in this case a white portion of the bed) then "clone" an area that you want to cover up (a colored dot). 

Of course it's a little more complicated than just " 1 click, 2 click". Here are some things to remember when using this tool:

// When you make your first click you have to press "alt" at the same time. That tells your stamp to pick up whatever area you're about to copy. 
// When you're ready to clone onto the new space just click wherever you want it to go!
// It's best to use as small of a brush as possible and only stamp one area at a time.
// You'll want to clone from an the area that's in close proximity to your target area. In this example if I tried to clone white space from the edge of the bed onto a space on top of the bed, that clone spot would be much darker than its surroundings (reference the top picture to see what I'm talking about). You can see in step one how close I got to the colored dot on my first click.

Obviously this project took more time than what it'd take to only stamp and clone a normal project. Most people use it for photo retouching but I wanted to share an alternative way to use it. With saying that, it is super useful when you want to smooth out an area or hide a blemish. One of my past jobs was taking pictures for a boutique's website and I used the clone stamp all. the. time . I guess even models have scars and acne : )

Thanks for checking it out guys!