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Quicker Content

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Start getting the website content you need from clients quicker so you can do the job you were hired to do.



Clients always seem to take forever turning in their website content -- no matter how prepared, organized and communicative you try to be.


Your clients don’t understand what goes into creating awesome website copy. They’re tasked with a difficult job that they aren’t equipped to handle.


Revamp your process! Help your clients unpack the most important and crucial components of their website copy in an easy-to-follow, approachable way.


What's included:


Website Content Guide Template

Prompts for all the typical pages on a website:
Home, About, Services, Contact, Portfolio, Shop, Email opt-in page, FAQ and Website Terms + Conditions

PLUS: Help your clients get awesome testimonials, leave instructions for how to upload website imagery and collect all of your client’s important log-in info in one place!


Quicker Content Framework Lessons

Step 1: Prepare + send the Website Content Guide to your client

Step 2: Take notes whenever you meet with your client

Step 3: Form the final copy using your notes and Website Content Guide

Step 4: Meet with your client to polish off their copy before launch!

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Here’s How The Quicker Content Framework Works:

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Send the Website Content Guide that comes with your purchase to your client and have them answer the questions by a certain date. The questions are broken down into bite size chunks organized by page that are easy for your client to answer.

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Tweak the process you already have to develop a voice and tone for your client. This process is easier than you think and I’ll give you step-by-step instructions :) You’ll simply make note of things your client says during meetings and how they talk.

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Use the Content Guide and exercises from step 2 to form the final copy for your client. I have tips + tricks to help you form simple and effective website copy that makes this step a breeze; it’s designed to be done in no time!

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Combine the finished copy with your website design and have your client send their revisions along with their design feedback - it’s all done in one easy step after your client can see how everything fits together.



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No more project delays, nagging your clients or adding extra stress to your schedule. The Quicker Content Framework is a clear, easy process that gives you what you actually need to do the job you were hired to do!

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“I emailed my client for three months trying to get her to supply me with content for her website. The endless wait had me feeling like the website would never go live. Melanie’s approach to crafting copy was the exact solution I needed! It’s extremely helpful because she understands exactly what questions need to be answered when writing copy so that every page has a clear goal. I followed Melanie's strategy and worked through the prompts with my client and was able to finish the website design ONE WEEK LATER!! Thanks to Melanie, I was able to finally solve a three month long problem without having to spend HOURS of my time researching the solution.” - Leah Q

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The Quicker Content Framework is your solution to

Collect website content quicker from clients

A happier design schedule

Same time in your web design process by using a website content guide template to collect client homework

A quick, seamless process

Increase your income by taking on copywriting for your web design clients

Making more money per project


Extra income potential with the Quicker Content Framework

Not only will you get the content you need quicker from clients, you’ll also have a streamlined process packed full of value for your clients that allows you to increase your rates and make more money per project. Whether you charge $200 or $1000 extra per project, you’ll make back your money from the Quicker Content Framework over and over again.

The potential for your extra income is limitless!

How much more could you make if you charged $200, $500 or $1,000 for the extra value you add to your process with this framework??

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“Things have shifted so much around here! I tested out a few websites using your copywriting method then took the plunge to officially offer copywriting services! The feedback I've gotten from my clients has been so great and I was having so much fun writing that I decided to follow my gut and specialize. A lot of people seem really pleased when they learn I can write AND design. I closed a website project for $6500 just last week! That's more than double what I ever charged for a brand + website project before.-Fabiana N

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A resource that helps you get website content from clients quicker


Proceed to checkout and follow the prompts

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Easy to follow lessons and website content template inside of Teachable


Get immediate access to the Website Template Guide and Quicker Content Framework lessons.


+ Is this something I send to clients so they can form their own copy, or does this support me in making copy for them?

You can use the Quicker Content Framework either way, actually :) Some designers will use the Quicker Content Framework and Website Content Guide as an extra resource that they send their clients, helping them feel more supported, guided and knowledgeable about the copywriting process; and other designers will choose to take on writing copy for their clients completely. Either way, you're providing immense value to your client and introducing time-saving exercises and tools to your web design projects and workflow.

+ Will the Quicker Content Framework help me write sales pages?

This resource is intended for use of a regular website. The Website Content Guide includes prompts for the following pages and features: Home, About, Contact, Services, Shop, Portfolio, Blog, Testimonials, FAQ, Subscribe/Opt-in Page and Website Terms.

+ Is this a good resource to help my clients with their product descriptions?

Yes! There is a dedicated shop section that helps your clients outline all of their products, shop categories and details.

+ Have I understood it correctly that the Website Content Guide contains questions and prompts, instead of page content templates?

That is correct -- the Website Content Guide is a master list of questions and prompts for each page of your client's website. You'll save a "master template" of these prompts for yourself then duplicate and customize a copy of the template for each new project you book.

+ Do I need this course if I'm already enrolled in Powerhouse Web Designer?

Powerhouse Web Designer (Lite) students may wish to purchase this course if they're looking for help specifically with the content collection process, but students in the full version already have access to the Website Content Guide and lessons about incorporating it into your design process. If you're unsure if you're in the Lite or full version of the course, just log into your course and see if "Lite" is at the end of your course title or not!

+ Do you offer refunds for this course?

Due to the digital nature of this product there can be no return of goods, and therefore no refunds. If you have any questions at all before your purchase just click the button below so we can talk it out :)

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“I purchased the Quicker Content Framework because I really wanted to help my clients get their content ready without tears (mine) or delays (theirs). I understood the template and process immediately and I’m now able to offer more strategic design and deliver so much more value to my clients. I raised my prices by $1,000 right away and just booked a project for MORE THAN $4,000. This is such a game changer!” - Celeste H.

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