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DIY your website from the ground up in 7 days!


    ✓Create a website game plan that makes it easy to design your website. We’ll work through your business goals and target site visitor to make sure your website has purpose and is backed by solid strategy.

    ✓ Next we’ll do a little bit of prep work by creating a moodboard, collecting imagery and outlining the copy for each page of your site.

    ✓ You’ll finish preparing your imagery, graphics and website copy then it’s time to start building out your site. I’ll show you how to pick a template in Squarespace, configure your basic settings then guide you through my web design workflow so you can implement your website’s design.

    ✓ Once your pages have been designed, run through my pre-launch checklist to fine tune your site and make sure you’re ready to go for launch.

    ✓ After that, I’ll guide you through configuring your domain and purchasing your Squarespace subscription so you can launch your site quickly and celebrate 🎉


    “Your level of articulation, organization, and knowledge blows my mind. Thank you for being so incredibly generous with your knowhow.”

    “I really appreciate you putting this information out there for the little creatives like myself, that want to do their thing but don't have large reserves of cash hanging about to pay someone else to do it. Plus it's kind of fun do once you know what you're doing. Which you're already helping me with. Just thank you! Appreciating you loads right now!”

    “You jam packed this challenge with WAY more than I expected. I was humbled by the wealth of knowledge.”

    “You have a real gift for explaining things in an easy-to-understand manner. I have referred to the "how to" articles on your site a g'zillion times (especially your CSS series) when I am stuck or wonder, "can I even do that on Squarespace?" (I'm a WordPress gal who made the leap).”

    “I wish I would have discovered your incredibly generous guide SO much sooner. Instead, I stumbled upon it already having spent a month working on a website redesign. I was just about to wrap things up, and then your awesomeness came along. The challenge made me realize I could create something so much stronger if I took the time to better articulate my goals, then design my site to reflect those goals.”

    “I'm really enjoying the course. Im totally new to web design so it is challenge, however the way you lay out the information helps a lot!”

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    In one week you’ll have a beautiful badass website.

    You'll also get a fun workbook to help you work through the lessons!


      You’ll get a new lesson delivered each morning:


      “The Strategy + Structure phase was just what I needed to help me articulate the new direction I’m headed with my business. And the Page Audit and SEO checklists eliminated my fear of missing any important details. Your directions for website indexing were so helpful I took a screenshot of them for later reference.”

      “I liked how you worked through each step of the process and outlined what is needed. You have a lot of detail that I haven't found on other Squarespace tutorials.”

      “I found this a more realistic outline of how much work is required to get a website going. I didn't finish in the time allotted but I am going to keep at it. Thanks for making this available.”

      “Melanie, words can't say how much I really appreciate finding you and your work. Thank you for being so open and inviting us to hit reply. Creating a site on Squarespace has been something that until now, I haven't had the confidence to do.”

      “This was the most helpful challenge I have taken to date. Thank you!”


      You don’t have to do this alone! Sign up below to get step-by-step guidance with creating your Squarespace website:

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