Curious Co

Curious Co



Curious Co was created with fun, quirky businesses in mind to go along with it's playful features and punchy color scheme. The parallax scrolling and unexpected details give this Squarespace kit a dynamic, whimsical vibe with something new to look at around every corner.  

view the demo  (use the password curiousco)

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PSST! We know that setting up tech is a drag - we can take care of that for you! Go here for deets.

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Here's how it works (click me!)


Make your purchase + immediately receive access to your kit dashboard


From the dashboard you'll have access to downloads, graphic templates + extra resources to help you map out + customize the Curious Co theme to your business


Use the style tweaks cheat sheet + guides to build your site then LAUNCH THIS BAD BOY OUT INTO THE WORLD 🎉

What's included (click me!)

  • A download kit complete with Photoshop templates, a PDF planning guide so you can map out your content + a style tweak cheat sheet so you can quickly access all style settings + custom CSS code from one place
  • Video guides walking you through the set up of your theme

What you'll need (click me!)

  • A Squarespace account
  • Images for your site (photos, textures, patterns, etc)
  • Photoshop (I'll send you a link for a free trial download)
  • Extras: domain + branding (or at least a rough idea of the color scheme you want to use)