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"Streamline your web design business with systems that do all the heavy lifting for under $100/month"

with Melanie Lea of My Billie Designs

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In this free workshop, you’ll learn a 4-part framework to:

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Streamline your design business with simple, strategic systems that can grow with you

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Equip your business with tools that do all your heavy lifting for less than $100/month

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Smart ways you can actually gain traction to grow that feel easy and natural


You’ll learn how taking a step back to refocus your business foundations can propel you forward!


If you’re having problems selling your services or positioning yourself as a high-end website designer…

Your problem is more foundational than anything (aka actually easy to solve) and I’ve got actionable things you can do to solve this problem QUICKLY. Even if you’re introverted or like hundreds of other designers who HATE the idea of selling, too :)


This workshop is for web designers who:

  • Don’t know where to start because they feel so scatter-brained…

  • Who sometimes feel like an imposter in their businesses…

  • And who wanna relax more and have a reliable stream of income from month-to-month! 

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I’m Melanie Lea, owner of My Billie Designs :)

As a college dropout and self-taught designer with NO prior business experience, I 100% believe that if I can create a thriving, successful web design business — so can you.

When I first started, I had big dreams of working with amazing clients, feeling in control and having a life that felt carefree and flexible. But in reality, I was working non-stop, forgetting showers and struggling in my business. I had absolutely NO balance in my life.

So I organized my business and created SIMPLE systems that actually supported my small, growing web design studio. These systems fueled my business growth because they did all the heavy lifting (aka lead generation, client onboarding, payment reminders and more) so I could just focus on being creative and present in my life.

I’m excited to show you practical solutions that allow you to create a streamlined design business using a simple framework and inexpensive tools! Be sure to sign up below!

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Get LASER FOCUSED on what systems, templates and tools you can implement to gain traction and grow your web design business:

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