here's how it works:

01. Prep work. We'll get on a call to discuss your website needs then create a personalized site map for you. At this stage we'll also discuss the type of photos you'll need to collect (as far as brand colors, vibe and editing style go), because I want the photos on your site to accurately reflect your brand. Your prep work also includes completing a web strategy workbook. Both the workbook and all site content (including copy and photos for each page) will need to be completed before our project start date.

02. Strategy + sketching. I'll analyze the answers from your prep work, perform my own research into your industry, competition and target market, then lay out a concrete action plan for each page of your site. During this stage I'll also explore the best options for the visual direction of your site.

03. Design development. During this stage I'll lay out the content on your site and implement the design throughout. The amount of research and planning I do before this step allows us to build directly on your site, meaning we never send mocked up pages that you don't actually get to scroll through or interact with. You'll be able to take an actual test drive on your site during the preview!

04. Refine site + implement a bunch of technical stuff that I don't want you to worry about ;) After your review, I'll make any adjustments needed then implement all admin and tech work. This includes implementing best SEO practices, setting your site up with Google Analytics, registering your site with Squarespace, setting up your domain and testing all links and forms.

05, Launch your site into the wild. I'll send you off with a set of complimentary launch graphics to help you celebrate on social media 🎉 and send you instructions on how to access my private Squarespace video library.


Your investment for a beautiful, powerful website starts at $2500*.



Important stuff:


I only work with a handful of clients at a time to ensure each project gets the attention it deserves. It also makes for a faster turnaround time! After your strategy workbook and web content are turned in, you can expect your brand spankin' new website to be completed in 3 short weeks**. BAM.

I'm only able to take on web design clients who have full brand designs (developed by a professional designer). Otherwise the work I end up doing starts to bleed into my brand identity service. About 95% of clients book my branding + web design services together, and I think this is the absolute smartest option for you, too.

I normally design for Squarespace*** but am happy to discuss your needs if you don't think this is a good option for you. I'm not a developer myself but know some pretty fantastic people we could partner with to help build a website on another platform. Let's have a chat about it!

If needed, I'd love to help you with your brand photography! If you're local to Minneapolis we can collaborate on a photo shoot, otherwise we can plan and execute a styled shoot for you in the studio. Please contact me directly for an estimate.

I do not currently offer copywriting services but know some pretty amazing people who do! Please get in touch if you would like assistance with this.



*I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to book your project in my design calendar. The remaining 50% is due at the end of the project and before website ownership can be transferred over to you.

**This is an estimated time to design + execute an average site. Your site could take longer (or less) depending on your needs. I'll be able to give you an exact timeline during our consult.

***Squarespace platform fees and domain hosting are not included in my design estimates and remain the responsibility of the client to purchase. However, I do love (and prefer) to manage these steps for my clients, as they can be quite complex. I'll discuss your needs during our first phone call and am happy to provide whatever assistance you need!