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Business resources for WEB DESIGNERs!

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omg! hey dude!

I'm guessing you're already crushing the design aspect of your biz 💪🏽 ...but what about the business side?

I’m getting ready to create a LOT of educational content for you all about building a thriving web design business and I wanna tailor it to exactly what you need!

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How's your project management going?

Are you making as much money as you can off of the clients you currently have?

Are you ensuring a flawless, make-your-clients-fall-in-love-with-you design process that gives you all the info you need UP FRONT to avoid scope creep, get the content you need from clients (on time!) and guarantee a successful project from start to finish??

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Common struggles ALL designers have faced:

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  • GETTING F*CKING CONTENT FROM YOUR CLIENTS....on time and in the way you asked for it....
  • Packaging + pricing your services
  • Wasting time on leads that won't ever turn into clients 😭
  • Getting all the information you need up front so that there aren't any surprises once the project starts
  • Making a personal connection with your clients so they trust you more!
  • The onboarding process (contracts, invoices, project management systems, oh my!)
  • WTF to do about client homework
  • Organizing the whole process so your clients stay on task but don't feel overwhelmed
  • How to get the feedback you need so that you always stay in control of the design process
  • Getting paid on time
  • Streamlining communication (omg 5000 different email threads for one little request 😂)
  • How to approach the web design process (ahhhh so many moving pieces even for the "simplest" websites)
  • Figuring out which parts of the website building process you should take on and which parts you should leave to other experts (like copywriting, website development, SEO, setting up Google analytics, setting up email/domain and setting up newsletters)
  • Diversifying revenue streams

I really need your help to make sure I'm delivering the best content possible!

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Learn to:

  • Outline and automate your process
  • Screen your leads so you don't end up with any nightmare clients
  • Save time in your workflow (so you can focus on charming your clients + having more fun with design!)
  • Add more value to your web design process (and start charging more)
  • Offer a better client experience (that paves the way for more revenue from each one)
  • Get all the content you need on time
  • Get rid of the overwhelm that often accompanies the web design process
  • And so much more!!

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Yay you've already signed up for this list! If you haven't been getting emails or have a question, please email Melanie at 💗