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DIY your website!

Build your professional website with these DIY Squarespace design kits! Easy to customize templates that will help you launch in just a few days and GET YOUR BUSINESS OUT THERE 💗
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launch a website you feel proud of in a matter of days!


We all know that having a professional website is super important for growing your biz, but if you’ve ever attempted to create your own know how overwhelming the process can be.

BUT WE GOT YOU! With our DIY Squarespace kits, you're guided through all the tech set up and page build out so all you have to worry about is the fun, creative part of customizing the kits (yassss)!

Made especially with creatives in mind, these kits allow you to establish a beautiful online presence for less than $400 and in a matter of days.

Each kit comes with its own customizable graphic templates, style cheat sheet, planning sheets and video guides that show you how to recreate the demo site from top to bottom. Check out our fun, fresh kits below :)


    How do the kits work? How do I install mine after purchase?

    Immediately after purchase you'll get an email that includes instructions to access your kit’s dashboard. The download link inside of this email is time sensitive and will expire after 24 hours, so be sure to check it immediately and save the PDF to your computer, or screenshot the instructions 😉

    From your kit’s dashboard you’ll find:

    • A site planning guide (this is a blank mock up of each page to help you map out your imagery and text)
    • A style cheat sheet (so you’ll have quick access to all the style customizations I used on your kit’s demo site, such as the fonts, colors, mobile styling, etc).
    • Your kit's graphic templates (Photoshop files)
    • A free 7 day Photoshop trial
    • Instructions and tips for customizing your graphics
    • Screen recordings that show you exactly how I built each page on your kit's demo site (so you can replicate them on yours)
    • A handy list of things to check before launching your site!

    If DIY isn’t your thing or you just don't have time, we'd love to customize a kit for you. More info about that here.

    I don’t know which kit is best for my business/blog.

    That’s totally cool! I know each kit intimately and have years of setting clients up with websites they love! Why don’t you hit me up real quick so we can go over some deets and pick the best option for your business or blog.

    PS you are in no way obligated to purchase a kit after our call :)

    What isn't included with the kits?

    The kits were created to be DIY, meaning you’ll write your own site copy, curate your own imagery and customize your kit's graphics. You can mimic the kit fonts and colors, or personalize them to your business.

    There's no custom design work involved with these kits unless you hire the studio to customize a kit for you (contact me here for this option).

    If you need help with a logo be sure to check out the MBD logo shop to see if there’s a good option for you there, otherwise you could DIY your logo or simply use a text-based logo on your site.

    What skills do I need to use one?

    • You’ll need a basic understanding of Photoshop (you can use my link for a free trial if you don't already have Photoshop)
    • It might also be helpful to follow along with my 2 Squarespace starter guides (here and here!) if you aren't familiar with the Squarespace platform
    • And if you don’t already have it you’ll need an idea of your brand colors and fonts (check out my posts on colors, fonts + photography if you need a place to start)

    Can I hire you to customize a kit for me?

    Yusss! Me and my handy lil team of designers would love to customize a kit for you. We’re still test-driving this service so contact me ASAP to snag the introductory rate (starts at $2000 and is broken into 2 payments).

    Here are some quick deets for ya:

    • The only things you’ll be responsible for supplying are the imagery (photos and videos) for your site and general content (like social media handles, contact info, facts about yourself and business, etc). There’s a 2 page document you’ll fill out to help us nail down the final copy for your site, and we’ll come up with a game plan for your photos during our initial design meeting.
    • It’s okay if you don’t have any branding in place - I’ll cover all of that with you during our design meeting and have the studio take care of everything for you 🎉
    • The general timeline works like this: contact me so we can talk deets and see if this service is a good option for you, schedule your project 2-4 weeks out (so we have ample time to prep), then the actual customization + build out will take about 2 weeks once we start.

    What happens if I change my mind after I purchase a kit? Can I get a refund or apply it towards a different kit?

    Since these babies are a digital product there's no real way to "return" a kit, so refunds or kit swaps are not available. However, I'd be super bummed if you weren't happy with your purchase so if you're unsure for ANY reason, lets set up a quick call to talk about your options and decide if a kit make sense for you.

    Also, creative problem solving is kinda my specialty so if you love a kit but don't see a specific feature that your business needs, I'd love to see if we can find a cool way to incorporate it.

    I didn’t see a page/functionality/feature that I know I’ll need for my website. HALP!

    This is bound to happen since there’s SO MUCH you can do with your website, and the kits would feel very confusing and overwhelming if I tried to pack everything into each one.

    Be sure to check out this page for a full list of Squarespace’s features and this page for an overview of the types of pages you can create within Squarespace - and definitely hit me up if you still can’t find an answer to your question.

    PS - all Squarespace websites have blogging and commerce capabilities (whether your product is physical, digital or a service - there’s even an option to sell gift cards on the Commerce Advance plan). However there are some definite limitations with commerce.

    PPS - If you have an email list but aren’t using MailChimp you’ll have to do some workarounds for your email marketing on Squarespace (however there is a built-in MailChimp integration).

    I hear that Squarespace isn’t great for e-commerce or SEO. What’s up with that?

    I personally get most of my site traffic from organic searches, which means Squarespace's built-in SEO features are working the hardest for me as far as marketing goes. I’m much more active with social media and it still doesn’t bring in as much traffic as my organic reach 🙄 Here’s an in-depth guide I created for Squarespace + SEO if you wanna check it out!

    As for commerce, there are definitely limitations which I’ve laid out for you here (scroll to the bottom - located underneath the graphic that says “grab your free online shop checklist”). That guide also goes over EVERYTHING you need to know to set up a basic shop in Squarespace.

    If you have specific questions about SEO or commerce please ask here so we can see if Squarespace is the best option for you or not.

    What do I do if I don’t have a brand identity for my business?

    That's totally fine! You can simply follow the kit style guide + photo vibes as a reference for the colors and images you use on your website. If you wanted to customize the colors and fonts, you can easily swap colors out in Squarespace's style editor. And if you need help with photos check out this huge collection of free stock photos I've organized here.

    When you're customizing your kit, I recommend doing blanket replacements. So for instance if there's a kit using mint and grey but you want to use burnt orange and brown, replace all mint elements with the orange color and all grey elements with brown (or vice versa). You can use that same concept for fonts too.

    If you'd like a custom logo instead of the type-based logo that comes with the kits, a budget-friendly option is to use a logo from the MBD logo shop. You'll simply pick a logo then a designer here at the studio will customize it for you, so you're getting a professionally made logo for the fraction of the cost :)

    Do I need to know any code to customize a kit?

    A few kits come with CSS code that you simply copy and paste into Squarespace's custom CSS section. All code customizations are SUPER straightforward and will totally help your site feel more custom at the end of the day! There are extra instructions included if your kit requires you to customize the code further, but I'm always here if you need any more support. 💗

    What all can I customize with your Squarespace kits?

    Literally everything!

    • Logo
    • Colors
    • Fonts
    • Graphics
    • All images (including banners and patterns)
    • Gallery displays
    • You can even tweak your kit's layout if you find something that works better for your business as you start building out your website. Squarespace makes uses of simple content blocks that you can move around and resize however you want!

    Here's how it works:

    1. Fall in love with a demo site ($397).
    2. Make your purchase.
    3. Get access to graphic templates, planning sheets and video guides so you can:
      • Map out your site (you won't believe how helpful it'll be to have something you can reference right in front of you!)
      • Customize your graphics + write your copy
      • Th en b uild your site and launch! 

    Guys, the most difficult part of creating a website is figuring out where everything needs to go! I've taken care of that for you, so now all you've gotta do is customize it to your biz and LAUNCH!

    If you're unfamiliar with Squarespace, NO WORRIES! You'll learn the basics as you work through my step-by-step video guides, then you'll be able to customize and adapt the kits to fit your needs - now or in the future as your business grows!

    Use the demo kits as an example for your site so you know what kinds of photos, You'll need Photoshop so you can customize the graphic templates (I have a link that will give you a free trial inside of the kits!)


    overwhelmed with creating a site by yourself? 


    We understand and we're here to help! partner up with us and we'll take care of everything for you. More deets this way