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DIY your website!

Build your professional website with these DIY Squarespace design kits! Easy to customize templates that will help you launch in just a few days and GET YOUR BUSINESS OUT THERE 💗
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launch a website you feel proud of in a matter of days!


We all know that having a professional website is super important for growing your biz, but if you’ve ever attempted to create your own know how overwhelming the process can be.

BUT WE GOT YOU! With our DIY Squarespace kits, you're guided through all the tech set up and page build out so all you have to worry about is the fun, creative part of customizing the kits (yassss)!

Made especially with creatives in mind, these kits allow you to establish a beautiful online presence for less than $400 and in a matter of days.

Each kit comes with its own customizable graphic templates, style cheat sheet, planning sheets and video guides that show you how to recreate the demo site from top to bottom. Check out our fun, fresh kits below :)