Bourbon + apple cider cocktail

apple cider cocktail with bourbon.jpg

This is what I've been drinking all holiday season y'all. It's cheap, not too sweet and has whiskey in it. Three of my favorites! And it's as easy as it sounds (which is always the case when I make anything). 

cider + bourbon cocktail.jpg
apple cider + bourbon cocktail.jpg

So just mix a jug of whatever cider you can find with your favorite whiskey, stir with a cinnamon stick (it adds good flavor towards the end!) and garnish with an apple slice. BAM. You can make a big batch of this and keep it in your fridge for a few days. Then a delicious little treat is always waiting for you when you get home from a hard day at work! You can make them individually too. I do 2 parts cider, 1 part whiskey.

Enjoy + be safe : )


Color Party // 09


I've been in a quieter place with design these days. I'm afraid I'm losing my direction in life but it's something that I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself about. I've had far too many seasons of trying to force things, filled with countless days of worry. It always works out and I know this is no different.

So now I'm just trying to finish up a couple of the projects I've got going on, refine my design process and do a little bit of tweaking of my brand. All of this without forcing anything. If I'm being honest, focusing just on design hasn't felt right for a long, long time. It's felt like the scales were too heavy on one side. I think I'm much too spastic to focus on only one thing, and I know if I had my hand in design, styling, photography, etc that I'd feel much more balanced.

Speaking of that, me and a co-worker from the shop have a fun creative project that we'll be putting together in the next couple of months. It feels really good to think about that project. It involves lots of design but also art direction, photography, event styling, fashion, crafting, layout and so much more. But mostly it involves collaboration. That's what I've been missing so much in my freelance life.




When I really started to learn how to deal and live with depression I made it a goal of mine to become comfortable with discomfort. To be okay with things not being okay or happy for the moment. I knew that I was working on reaching incredible happiness, so living with discomfort would be worth it. The growing pains were going to make it even better in the end.

That attitude has been with me until recently. Lately I've been asking myself, "Why not be happy now?" Not the normal, I'm-a-human-and-alive-and-I'm-happy-for-that kind of happiness. But the kind of happiness that seemed to exist only in my head. The stupidly, blissful kind of happiness.

It's so weird to write that out because most people who know me already know that I'm a super happy person. Perhaps even happier than most. But I'm also someone who never seems to be satisfied and I always try to keep evolving. I'm always looking ahead.

So my goal as of lately, and one that I'll carry into 2014, is to simply be happy in the now. To instead of waiting on my happiness to come, start creating it.

Happy New Year's Eve, guys. Be safe and go love on someone close to you : )

PORTFOLIO WORK: Heart Yourself


Heart Yourself is a jewelry line that my dear friend Jenny launched a couple of weeks ago! Helping women feel empowered and beautiful is something Jenny noticed she was doing with her hair blog (through her step by steps + video tutorials), so she created a jewelry line as a way to reach even more women. What's even cooler is that when you purchase something you're actually helping other women feel empowered! Part of all proceeds go to Fresh Start, which is an organization that offers resources to women to help with their careers, self-esteem, family support, attaining their GED, child care and general mentoring. AMAZEBALLS.

We wanted to tie in a little bit of branding from her blog but make it feel more feminine without being too delicate. Since Jenny is so passionate about wanting women to accept themselves as they are, we brimmed her packaging, website and jewelry pieces with sweet little reminders to feel beautiful and loved. Check out the pieces for yourself right here!

Thank you Jenny for giving me the opportunity to work on this project with you!

packaging mock up 1.jpg
style guide.png

Decorating inspiration: living room

living room inspiration board.jpg

This board was a tough one guys! Jared and I have been talking about what kind of couch we want to get and finally decided on this one (I love you so much IKEA), but after completing the board I think I'm going to try to convince him to go the dark gray route. As I was gathering images for this I was really having a hard time finding things that I loved that went with the light blue, so dark gray it is! And magenta! FUN.

It's so funny how something can seem so perfect in your head, then when you get into the details surrounding that idea the perfection dissolves. I know I'm just talking about a silly inspiration board for decorating, but it can totally be applied to any other area of your life. Your job, the people you surround yourself with, ideas for the future, etc.

Right now is a season of staying open to the possibilities that I haven't had enough foresight to even consider, and not staying firm with things I think equal perfection. The best things in my life have always happened when I gave up control. 

And for the record, that black illustration at the bottom of the board is of spirit guides. AWESOME. Check out my bedroom inspiration too!

cream pillow | magenta blanket | ottomansofa | industrial coffee table | deer candle holder
pink elephant planters | mississippi mirror | industrial hall tree + bench
spirit guide illustration | white mercury vase | accordion table | awesome floral rug